Hope to beat the odds in a future generation....yup, she may be preggers

Wow! Holy SH*T! I’m flabbergasted, flummoxed and in a state of shock….holding out hopes we can beat the 50x50 odds….

You see, I have either a few AVMs or HHT…and the love of my life is pregnant/expecting/with child/knocked-up

While kids have never been something I considered, it is something I had never factored out of my life either…I’m a ‘there is no guarantee about tomorrow’ type but I know it’s been a part of my wife’s big picture plan….and really, ultimately as long as she is happy I'm happy..

So it’s roughly nine months of waiting and wondering to see if my vascular conditions are going to screw up the pregnancy, and then 7 more years (when my condition 1st presented) to figure out of the little ‘us’ is going to be like me.

YIKES!! I’ve been preemptive sympthy nauseous since the news…