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Eagles defensive tackle Mike Patterson anxious to return to training camp this July after his AVM was removed from behind his right eye in January of this year. He collapsed last August on the field at camp with a seizure. "I just want to go out there and show people that no matter what you go through, you still need to stand up and continue to fight," Patterson told the Philadelphia Inquirer on Friday. "I love football, so I just want to continue to play."


Also there is Mia Schaikewitz from Push Girls:

She was paralyzed at 15 when her spinal avm ruptured. She's incredibly active in her wheelchair along with 3 other women but I missed the shows premiere on June 4th :(
I just thought these stories were interesting and encouraging and wanted to share them:) I hope the links show up.

Hey Kirsti!
Thanks for posting these. I'm watching Push Girls right now! Wow. It's things like this that make the internet so awesome....to see girls being all kinds of tough and cool and vulnerable like that is really meaningful & reminds me to take care of myself & to stay connected to people who 'get it'.


Thanks kristi. I missed the first show but I set it up to tape tonight. I think it sounds interesting.
Have you ever watched the tv show, A Gifted Man? it is about a Dr. Neuroligist/surgeon Who deals with brain issues. He has an office/hospital with a bunch of high tech equipment. I loved that show but I think it has been cancelled. I have yet to see an operating room that is like the one on that show.

Thank you for posting this, Kristi!

LMAO this is so embarrassing! I don't even get that channel! I assumed I did, I guess, or my cable dropped that channel maybe[?] I saw a commercial for it on IFC, I know that much; it made me Google it to see how they ended up in wheelchairs. So, someone let me know if it's like Bad Girls Club in wheelchairs because that would be epic! LOL

I didn't know that I got that channel until I typed PUSH GIRLS into "find show"! I watched the first two episodes on "ON DEMAND" this afternoon. I DVRed the third episode tonight.