Finally I saw the new plastic surgeon today - a surprise since the referral only happened yesterday. So here is the link to the blog post. I'm super super glad that I managed to get this far in my first appointment. Thanks SO much to everyone on here that has helped me, given me suggestions and everything else - because you've brought me so far! Thanks again x

Finally, a doctor with ideas! Here is some information about Integra for you: http://www.ilstraining.com/bmwd/bmwd/bmwd_it_01.html

Push nutrition as much as you can before this surgery and take supplements. Thus could be your big breakthrough, Steph.

Yep! He and my orthopaedic surgeon will work so well together and I'm so thankful my orthopod referred me on to this guy. Thanks for the link about Integra, I've scoured the web about it already but hadn't actually come across that page! Trying hard with the nutrition but I've been losing weight lately which isn't the best possible thing for now. I know, I'm so excited but nervous too!!! Thanks for ALL your help!