I have talked to numerous surgeons and every time I am paying $100 - $400 a pop for film reviews for all of them to say oh my, you need to have something done but we cant, its to risky! Then followed up by a...I suggest you call Dr. _________ so we start over again. I cry and freak out every time as I spent 2-3 weeks getting my hopes up for another dead end road. I am tired of being tired. I am tired of sinking hundreds into nothing. I am tired of being broke due to all that. I am tired of the limitations and as I still continue to try and (push through) 'my new phrase that people often find me saying a few times a day' I am seriously exhausted researching doctors, hospitals, clinics, hours playing phone tag with nurses and surgeons etc. The headaches are frustrating to boot. Has anyone tried any homeopathic tricks? I am here and there on all that. With so much modern day medicine one would think they would be able to tend to these issues we are all having yet some days I think about how many changes there has been over the years and sometimes them good old fashion tricks work. Don't get me wrong some 'new' discoveries are amazing! Some I am like with all the risks and precautions its not worth it. For instance a couple of my friends are pregnant and I hear them say oh I cant blah blah or my dr says I should blah blah...um listen up folks, back in the day there was a small handful of illness nothing like what we have today and with todays children and the ladies back then were fetching water from creeks and eating anything and so on. Majority of their babies were just fine and the life span of a person was a lot longer. People were healthier and stronger. ----------with this all being said, a little vent session, and only dead end roads I have nothing to really lose here- my mom through a friend of a friend found a Chinese Dr here in Idaho that played around with my AVM results and has came up with a few oil solutions. I rub a drop here and drop there a few times a day and will see what happens. My thoughts, what do I have to lose? It stinks like you wouldn't believe and funny thing I called my mom a few minutes ago and said- mom, I am cured! She says um....what? I said no headache today! Again a slight pause and she replies um, ok, really? I laugh and say yep! I smell so bad its the only thing I can think about so even if I do have one I wouldn't know because I cant focus on it. She says that bad huh? Uh yeah but I will try it! Have any of you done this? Know about this? Whats your thoughts on it?

While some might say homopathic stuff will work (and I don't say it doesn't), I am very skeptical that it could "fix" an AVM.

As for the DR reviews, my suggestion would be to have your records reviewed by a team that contains surgeons, Drs who do embolizations, and radiation. That way, if there is a treatment plan that is suggested, the team can handle it.

Stanford is one that comes to mind, and I suspect there are some place in the Seattle area as well.

Hope this helps.
Ron, KS

Hi Tana. I’m pretty into homeopathy, but I agree with Ron in that I’m not aware of anything that can “fix” an AVM…some things could help alleviate and reduce some of its symptoms.

Regarding your scans, I read on here a while ago that someone mailed their scans to various doctors to get their opinions - unsure of the cost of reading them, though, or any of the other details for that matter.

Hi Tana,
I echo Ron, KS & also, caution needs to be given w/ 'homeopathic remedies' & potential blood thinning risks they ?may? pose. Even OTC supplements like omega's & vit. e pose a bleeding risk, so I urge caution & researching before trying.
Stanford http://neurosurgery.stanford.edu/patient_care/cerebrovascular.html & UCSF http://neurosurgery.ucsf.edu/index.php/cerebrovascular_disorders.html are two of the leading medical ctrs. on the west coast specializing in AVM & vascular malformation treatment & management.
Best wishes.

I'm all for homeopathic methods. None of them can treat the avm but, some of the methods can help with the symptoms. I've been dabbling in essential oils for about 15 years now. I stick mostly to ones that help me relax and calm my anxiety. Lavender is my favorite for that. I burn eucalyptus and lemon in a potpourri burner for my allergies - it helps to clear my lungs.
Reflexology helps too. I got certified in that a long time ago so I could work on myself. I got relaxed in that area and I don't do it often enough but, it does help.

You do need to be careful of anything you consume (such as herbs of any kind) as to not to thin your blood and/or raise your blood pressure. I'm not knowledgeable of the herbs, so I don't get to involved in them.

Acupressure works well too. There are a lot of good books out there for that and it's easy to do..


MY aunt is a certified homeopathic doctor. There are a few herbs to try and treat the symptoms like headaches but most of the ones that normally work are dangerous for us with avms because we never to stay away from blood thinners Many herbs are high or have a presence of salicylytes which is aspirin in its all natural form .many over the counter drugs have aspirin. Under natural amount is moyer potent so we should stay away from NSAIDS like Aleeve, Advil, and. Ibuprofen and Excedrin. Before taking any herb research it to see if its a known blood thinner. My aunt who has been a NHP for over 20 years now had yet to find a herb that might help. She is continuing to do research so if she find something I will let you know. Hang in there. Its all we can do sometimes.