Home from surgery!

Well obviously I made it through surgery. Wasn’t to bad. Dont remember to much. I do remember being in alot o fpain when I woke up but that didn’t last to long. Because they put me right back out. Mostly things went great. You cant tell that I was cut from ear to ear. The doc only shaved hair were he was making the incision so its only a very thin line. stapled the incision then greased my hair back so you can;t see the incision. Obnvioulsy I have developed some deficits. I have dificuclty spelling some workds. But i passed all the other tests. I am offically AVM free Ya me.!!! But i do have to see a speech thearpist for a little while for some cognitive deficits. which is fine by me. No real difficulties through the surgery. Did find I was starting to develop an infeciton at the site of the AVm so I had to have a drain tube put in for a couple of days. Man does that hurt like a SOB when they take that out. THey just pull it out and you can feel the tube being drug across your forhead. Oh and according to my children we think there are 32 staples in my head. according to the doctor, there is 1 metal snowflake plate, 1 dog bone and one square bone in my head. Well heres to recovery. Those of you who are getting ready for surgery. RELAX !!! Its not that bad. I know every experience is different. Just dont plan on getting alot of sleep. The surgery may be done but boy do they want alot more tests done. I had to have a CAT scan done at 3am. can you believe it. Oh ya I have temporarily lost the ability to move my eyebrows and wrinkle my forehead. But being female. it May just save me lost of may in facelifts. LOL !!! But after having brain surgery. I dont think so.

Ment to say lots of money in face lift if i dont get this ability back. LOL

Wow, that was fast! Glad it was a success.

So glad to hear you’re home and everything went well! Keep us posted on your progress.

Hurray - Heal quickly.

Congrats Tonna. So glad all went well and even more glad to hear that you are AVM free!!

Love your post and positive outcome! That will quicken your healing I'm sure! Best of luck and keep the good spirits. So glad you are AVM free, hearing that about my husband was the best 2 words I've ever heard.



Good for you Tonna, Glad it went well.

YAY YOU!!! So glad to hear it went well. I’m at 11 months after my bleed and brain surgery. I have 3 metal plates and 14 screws in my head. And I had 42 staples. So, I understand. I had a good part of the right side of my head shaved, but even with that, it grows back. I’ve got about 4 inches of hair on that side now! Yes, I have a few deficits that might last forever, but everyone has “baggage”. Mine includes balance problems and depth perception, plus my emotions have been magnified times ten. But hey, I’m alive, and that’s more than any of the doctors thought. So here’s to a 100% recovery for you. Give yourself some time and relax…the brain is a magnificent organ and has incredible healing powers. I had to learn to swallow, walk, talk - everything. My bleed was very severe and moved my entire brain over. And I’m having a great life. So you’ll be just fine. And you’ll hopefully have a better attitude about life - live it now - it’s precious.

so happy to hear you are doing so good. Still staying positive. Its harding trying to take it easy. I want to just get up and go. But just taking a shower and geting ready for the day takes it out of me right now. besides the fact i cant sleep for more than 2 hours at a time so exhaustion has a huge play in it right now. But thats okay im sure i’ll drop soon and just sleep. I have lots of help so its not like i have huge responsibility every one is helping with the kids and anything else. But im not use to people doing things for me so that has been hard. im the one that has always done for everyone else. I guess i just really want to start my life i have waited to long for this to be over. So its hard not to rush the recovery. And all be darned if i"ll have a relapse.

CONGRATULATIONS Tonna ! Excellent work ! You are working so very hard every moment and you know that yes ?

Recovery is a lot of work inside and out . It is your time to accept all of the assistance and love offered so that you can make yourself well . May the days be as good as they can be and better ....

Be good to you . Take care of you .