Holiday insurance

Hi all

We had our appointment yesterday at Kings and they have now said that they want to leave the AVM alone for the time being and reassess again in 6 Months. Im pleased with this result but Jon is finding it difficult because he just wants the AVM rid of and then move on.

We are planning to get away in the next couple of days but I just had a thought about travel Insurance…??? Would we get Insurance? How do I explain the AVM because every1 I speak to doesnt even know what it is!!! Can any1 help???

Thanks for all your message I have found this site to be a comfort.

Claire xx

I presume you mean medical insurance for your holiday?

If you are holidaying within the EU you will be covered by the insurance scheme within the country which you are travelling to. You just need to fill out a form called the E111 form, and your NHS cover will work.


If you are going within the EU the E111 will cover all medical expenses but I don’t think it covers other expenses?
When I had my 1st AVM bleed I was in Spain and all the hospital asked for was the E111 but when I came out my travel insurance paid for my wifes extra stay in a hotel while I was in hospital and they paid for scheduled flights and a nurse to escort me back to UK.
So you need the E111 and insurance.
Last year we had booked and paid to go to Spain for a week in November and I had another bleed in October, luckily I had insurance and they paid out OK.
There are lots of companies that give extra cover for pre existing conditions for an extra premium, I used “Karma Insurance” last year go to the website and it is all explained.
Even if staying in UK I think insurance would be a good idea to cover cancellations etc.

I called Karma, and they told me that they do not cover AVM’s or the possible symptoms. Did I get a bad receptionist? Has anybody found travel insurance for outside the EU?

Hi There claire, i am in scotland and had a similar problem! i have to see a neoro doc in july before i can be diagnosed but my local GP says i have avm. I had already booked a holiday to lanzarote before knowing any of this… I normally just buy cheap insurance online… however this time i had to shop around and found a reasonably priced one… the companys name is Insurance Choice Travel. give them a ring they will be able to assist you further. their tel no. is 0844 55 77 986 or their websit is… Hop ethis is some help… have a great holiday if you get this sorted. x