Are there any other Bilingual Hispanic AVM survivors?

Yes, my niece is AVM survivor, she had an stroke 7/13/10, we are from Colombia and we live in NJ, if you need anything please let me know.

How is she doing? I live in Palo Alto, California (a bit far from you) and I just had the 5 year Anniversary of my AVM/Stroke. My husband who works at Oracle is my primary caregiver.

She is doing ok, we are waiting for the angiogram, she doesnt have insurance and was really hard. Finally I sent all the documents for the charity care and we are waiting for the final approval. She looks ok, sometimes she forget a lot stuff, she stop working and she stop study. she try to learn english now, (my sister and her 2 daughters came from colombia 2008), she is trying to do things.

Vangi, do you speak spanish? o write spanish?

Yes/Si to both. With the AVM I had a stroke so it’s still hard to talk but I know the difference between Spanish and English. I can communicate in either. My husband’s last name is Sorgenfrei (worry-free in German) but I kept Uribe. I am working with the American Heart Association who has a big push on Latinos and Strokes.

I was thinking maybe if you want you can talk with my niece about all your experience with the AVM/ she speaks spanish and a little english. she has a lot questions that sometimes I dont have the answers.

Hi Ninibeth, My niece had same like yours. 7/13/10, how do you feel now?

For Ninibeth. I had my AVM/Stroke when I was 49. I spent 5 months in the hospital. I am still in therapy relearning to walk and talk. I can hear Spanish I know the difference between Spanish and English but it’s hard for me to speak. I am getting stronger and better. I know it just takes time.

Thank you both for your support.