Highest Seniority But Was Demoted From His Job Position

Be aware of your rights in the work place you will be the only one that will be your advocate in the work place.

Mark was the highest seniority in his department of his job he had been pulled from his position and placed into another job position. The reason given to him was that he was the only one that when the supervisor would give him several tasks to do that Mark would come back to ask again what were the other things that needed to be done.

This should not have been done this is one of Mark's deficits Mark went to the top man he said that he would look into it but never got back with him Mark did not push it he did not want to put anymore anguish in his life. but it made him very angry. I was ready to go in fighting but it's not my choice I am an advocate for my husband but not for my feelings for his. hope this helps
God Bless
and love Mark and Tina


I'm sorry to hear this, Tina. It's tough to know sometimes whether it will be helpful or just add to the trouble to bring pressure on the employer by hiring an attorney or getting an advocate.