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High LP readings how long before medical intervention for you?


This is just a quick question. I would like to know how long after your LP readings, if they were high did you receive medicine like Diamox, or surgical intervention? If you were in the UK did you have to wait for next appointment or did someone contact you? Trying to work out a plan of action.


Hi. It’s great to hear from you. Do you mean Intracranial Pressure readings (IP rather than LP?)

If you know you’ve got raised IP, I would definitely talk to the doctor or his secretary or your GP about follow up.

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I totally agree with DickD, if it’s IP you are talking about then this needs attention as a matter of priority. Raised intracranial pressure can have some serious implications.
Please contact your doctor ASAP.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team


Thank you both for your replies. I was referring to Lumber Puncture reading. Opening pressure of 40, extreme head pain & loss of sight but was sent home. Had neurologist appointment but he just said he will book an Mri. U
Appointment came for March but ophthalmologist confirmed papilloma & field loss at end of December. Is it normal to wait this long. First appointment was in June when eyes were ok.



If they are testing the lumbar puncture CSF pressure, it is still a means by which they are measuring your intracranial pressure, so our previous comments stand. If they are measuring something other than the pressure, e.g. characteristics of the CSF itself, then I don’t know what that means or how urgent.

I’d say talk to the neurosurgeon’s secretary to ask what happens next (and when) and basically prompt her to get the doc to do whatever is needed.


“…Opening pressure of 40…” 40? 40 what? There could be a number of differing units that can be used to measure pressure.
Hmmm OK, so I’m not sure what the were measuring, nor what measure they were using. I have had a gauge placed within my skull overnight previously, the measured reading was 20mmHg (Hg=Mercury), the following morning I was rushed into surgery. A normal reading using this method is 7-15mmHg. An ICP reading of 40mmHg is considered life threatening, so I doubt, using mmHg as a measure, any medical professional would be advising you to be waiting for a scan. Hence my statement “…I’m not sure what the were measuring, nor what measure they were using…”. I would suggest you need a bit more information than just 40.

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Sorry CFS reading of 40cmH20.


Thank you Mod supporter. From your answer I have been on google and worked out the a LP with a CFS reading does the same job so to speak as your ICP reading. Whilst a ICP pressure reading is taken directly from your brain a CFS reading is taken from a Lumbar puncture between your spine.

I know need to work out if the two measures are similar. If yours was high at 20mmHg on the ICP, is 40cms high on the LP reading and if yes, would they both warrant urgent attention.

Would you or anyone reading happen to know?



Googling “normal opening CSF pressure” suggests normal is 10 to 25cm water gauge, though some articles give lower figures, so 40cm is rather high. Chase the neuro / his secretary!

100mm mercury is equivalent to 136cm water gauge.

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