No worries, Ed. :) Keep posting, if it's helping.

I totally understand you, I have this same problem many days. Don't let it keep you from communicating though!

I do better with typing. With my slurred speech and all. Reading you loud and clear Ed.

Welcome to the club of people that have a great excuse for not reqlly writing things correctly. I keep backup up and working on mistypes, but I don’t get them all. The tough part is when I write something that I think is dumb, wrong, or belligerent. Fortunately, this group is pretty tolerant and tends to forgive for little things.

OK, usually I reread several times to correct stuff. I’ll let it go this time.

Hey there...being the parent of an avm person...it is great to see someone trying.And honestly I supposedly have it together and put my foot in it and make typo's.I feel like a babbling idiot at times because I don't know where to put my thoughts or feelings. This is a great place to get positive feedback that you are not alone when we feel so alone.Back in 2005 my son's first bleed this did not exist.I am Thankful it does now!!Finding on one hand this is more common than I had originally thought is comforting and yet sad at the same time.On the side of not understanding at times what my son is trying to convey can be just as frustrating as it is for him to find a way to express his thoughts and feelings and sometimes the lack of either. So I am going to take you up on your offer and talk about anything...I need some mechanic advise. Are you mechanic knowledged?? Or how about a hobby..?? Hugs ;)

Hi Ed....i am listening...keep it coming...it will only make u feel better with the world that is online which understands you than the world offline which is unable to understand you :)

Bangalore, India

I think you're fabulous Ed!

Thanks Ed that was helpful for me! Jacob doesn't get on here, he is a teenager/meanager as I see it! So he doesn't communicate with people this way.He has become emotionally vacant/distant.I can't tell if I help or hinder at times. But I do know I need to hang in there to be his advocate no matter what.Noticing nothing happens unless you are the squeaky wheel so to speak.I really do appreciate the kind words.
My mechanic work is this...I have a Honda Accord...it has 320,000.miles and is needing drivers side axel seal is leaking and drivers side cv axel boot is torn. Mechanic wants 350 to 400 for this job. Someone said they thought that for the money they should be doing both sides in my best interest and possibly the axel itself.While I don't have money flowing just to do this..single mom and not working since I lost my job over Jacob's avm ordeal in Feb.-They let me go since I was gone for a month. And that's a whole ordeal as well. I feel like everyone else's life went on while mine stopped and changed direction opposite the way I was traveling. Just didn't seem fair.I am alone and sometimes that in and of itself sucks. I don't have anyone to lean on. Especially when I am tired of holding it all up.Ok enough of my world problems, back to the car..what should I be asking and or should I be asking.
I don't play on gaming devices...my son likes to laugh at me, he says I am too intense and talk too much.I like movies and I get in a movie weekend mode sometimes. I started out walking but lately I have adapted to running. 2.5 miles.I have a revolver as well and I go out and set up cans and water bottles and shoot it up.Currently my only hobby now is trying to find ways to be apart of Jacob's new life.How to communicate better.Learning all I can...reading.My time is I go to the gym to sit in the sauna and jacuzzi.I am feeling just flat at times. Hoping the next six months brings better news and results for the positive.
Chat with you soon!