Hi there, new to this site

Hi there everyone.
I was diagnosed with a cerebral avm 6 months ago. My consultant is prof Eldridge/Nasau at Walton Hospital Liverpool and Dr.Husband in Clatterbridge Merseyside.
Does anyone have any experience of these guys ? Diagnoses and testing and discussing treatment options has taken 12 months. I’ve been hospitalised twice with severe headaches and parastisia.These are my main symptoms and thankfully no seizures so far.

It’s been a tough year. Emotional roller coaster, and also a gift in many ways to remind me to stay in the moment be grateful for what i have and take it one day at a time.

The treatment options available are gamma ray and surgery to take it out. Obviously the first option is my preference, no brained :wink:

D day is is Dec 4th. I’m seeing the ophthalmologist in the morning (I have increased cranial pressure 28) then consultants in the afternoon. The decision will depend on the ophthalmologist report. If my eyesight at risk consultant said speedy surgery best option.

I’m really struggling to accept this…I am petrified of brain surgery. The procedure itself and associated risks, recovery long term implicati

SORRY technicely challenged !! Continued : implications.

I am a single lady with a son aged 22 and a daughter 24. The financial implications terrify me. Surgery 3-6 months off work. 6 month driving ban. I am a self-employed consultant. …how do I survive if I cannot work ?

Any tips on any grants/funds available gratefully received.

I’ve managed to stay positive during 90% of this process but feel myself crumbling today. I really don’t want to succumb to self-pity. I’m alot better off than many.

Thanks for being here everyone. Feel a little better already having read some of the stories.

Wishing you all the very best