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Hi, it's Wooley here 😊


Hi everyone, so glad I found this site.
5 months ago I just had a surgery because I was diagnosed for having an AVM with size 2 cm. October 4, 2018 was hospitalized for 2 weeks with condition unconcious and cant remember anything for the first 6 days because couldn’t bear with the pain in my head because of bleeding in my brain. Doctor recommended that I should have an embolization and a surgery to take out the AVM. The surgery was on November 28, 2018, and stay in hospital for about 2 weeks to have therapy for speech, right hand(cant move), feel numb on right side of my face, after that I continue speech therapy and exercise for right hand at home. Until now I still feel disoriented, confuse, dizzy, feeling like amnesia.
After surgery, I become a new Wooley, new person, for 3 months I can’t face the reality, I shut myself from friends, colleagues, but my family keep telling me to open myself and accept the brand new Wooley, and be grateful for having a second chance from God. And thanks God, now I try to follow what my families always tell me.

Just be grateful :blush:


Welcome! It is great you’re here with us, we have a great and really understanding group of folks from all over. Sounds like you’ve been through a tough time for sure, and hopefully we can help you on your journey. I had a bleed in 2016 and gamma knife and recently found to be AVM free. Again, great you joined us! Take Care, John.


@JD12 thankyou so much :kissing_heart: for having me here :green_heart:


Welcome @prettywooley
I am glad you found this group.
No one understands what it’s like to go this other than fellow AVM people.

It’s totally normal to go through a mourning process. We mourn our old selves, accept our new selves but strive to get back to our selves.

Brain pain is awful. Because people can’t see it like a broken arm it’s hard for them to relate.


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@Angela4 yeesss indeed so glad I found it. Thankyou so much Angela :heart::heart::heart:

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