Hi I'm Patrick

Good day fellow survivors! I’m Patrick and my story is a little tricky. The ending anyway, it began with me leaving work to go pick up a Jersey Mikes sub and enjoy a football game. This was interrupted when I blinked and was suddenly being loaded into an ambulance. Hospital told me I had a seizure and that I had this malformation inside my brain. I found a good doctor and we made a plan of about 4 embolizations and this is where things get strange. I only had one because cutting off that blood flow cause the whole thing to blow up and give me a bad stroke. Recovered from that somehow to have two more angiograms that showed that the avm was gone. Doctor(who is a leading expert) said he saw no remaining trace of it and sent me on my way. Even if my treatment was traditional, this whole experience has been so strange yet emotionally intense. I am glad i found this blog because I have been sad for a few days because I did not think anyone would understand how all this feels inside. I am so glad I found all of you and that you all survived <3


Welcome Patrick, its great you found us! We have a really great group here with an incredible diversity of experiences. I had gamma knife for my AVM that was discovered as a result of a rupture. I really agree that most don’t how having something like an AVM impacts each of us. We are all impacted differently but I really think that helps in our understanding.

Once again, welcome! John.

Welcome to the group! good people and a variety of experiences on here with a lot of good information.

Welcome to the family and thank you for sharing your story… God bless!

Welcome, Patrick
I have an “extensive” extremity AVM. I’m in more pain than usual or I’d write you more, but I just wanted to say I’m glad you found us and that we found you.


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Welcome Patrick! Its always good to hear others stories so we don’t feel alone. This is a great group so glad you are here.

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Welcome to the group Patrick, feel free t post any of your questions related to your AVM here and we’ll try our best to answer them from our experience. We are glad that you made it through and we are also here for your emotional support.

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Welcome Patrick your with good people here. All the best.

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Patrick, welcome to the group! We are a great source of support and encouragement. Having an AVM is bound to make you sad, angry, intense and afraid because it is so new to you. When we were first diagnosed we felt the same way. Finding this group of people who “get it”, is one way to not feel alone. We’re here for you. Wishing you all the best.

Sharon D…

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Ok Patrick I have an avm in different places it’s a spontaneous reaction. As course to an event , Cos my AVM is in my torso bellow the neck , lower body but still present problems , to me try to stay calm I know it’s difficult. But this is a great place, be an American explanation to all the possible outcomes. God bless, I’m in the UK stay with us .stay global

Welcome! It’s nice to have a support group!