Hi I'm New

AVM burst in 2005 at 34 yrs old. OMG what a shock to wake up in the hospital and bE told that I almost died!! I was so mad that I was not aware of what happened. (I was kind of a control freak) But it would have been so easy to slip away. Thank God somewhere in my mind I must have fought. So I can be here for my 3 daughters. I can really relate to some of the posts here because I was in serious mourning for my old life. Since only a year or so ago. I have changed my thinking to a more positive outlook.Basically I try to laugh at myself a little. Try it, like when you are struggling at some everyday task . just stop and imagine an able-bodied person doing the same thing. Better yet, find someone close to you go half a day using only 1 arm and then talk to you about their observations. It happened to be my 16 yr old daughter who did this for me. she actually came up with a few variations on how to perform some impossible 2 handed tasks with 1 hand. Good Luck~Melanie

Hi Renee, welcome! I too have too laugh at myself all the time. My daughters seem sometimes too eager to laugh right along with me. It’s the only way to get through it some days. Your daughters are lovely, by the way.

Thankyou so much for noticing that about my daughters. Sorry, its hard to be modest about them. But not just about their looks. My poor girls had to do some quik growing up after my bleed in 2005. they were only 12, 11,& 7.oh well itt had to be done I guess. (their growing up i mean). I want to thank you for replying to me, i was kind of nervous that i wouldn’t connect with anyone.~~MEL

Are you kidding?! That’s one of the great things about this site! There is always someone here to listen and comment. So, if you’re having a bd day, just post a blog, someone will be there to cheer you up! I also have 2 girls, they were 6 & 9 when I had my bleed. They too had to grow up just a little while I was away. My little one went right back to being my baby though once I got home. The kids are what help get me through some of this crap !

me too Trish. who would have thought that when we first held them in our arms that sooner than later they would be helping to take care of us? Those precious little girls from heaven. we are truly blessed aren’t we? ~~MELANIE

Hello Melanie . I hope the days are as good as they can be and better !
I read your post (s) comments and you made me laugh ! None of this is funny which is why we all find the humour in “it” and laugh at our selves and with one another .
Really woman , the vomitting scene is script worthy , as is the folding with one foot and hand ?? As the mother of three daughters I KNOW for a fact that they are proof that God not only exists but has a sense of humour as well…
Positive thoughts , loving prayers and hugs all round there .
Be good tou you Melanie , take care of you .