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Hi I'm Luza


Hello everyone… I am Luza. I had my AVM discovered in 2011 after a car accident. Remembered driving along the road until a specific place then everything is Blank. My husband said I called him and said Love I think I hit something though I don’t remember the call. a neighbour driving behind me stop, took my phone and told my husband that I had a car crash. Still, to today I can remember any of that. I was in Hospital for few days. Remembered the doctor’s finger in front of my face asking what is this… and me answering you maybe the doctor and those must be your fingers. I was, I am on anticonvulsants medication for life. But the thing is that I never felt a Headache, I went back to work three weeks after the accident and been working ever since. the doctors said that my AVM is unusual and they won’t touch it. with any surgery… I was realised to work even with a doctors letter that I am fit to work… I am Early years and ESL English teacher… As someone said not every case is the same… I feel blessed, that the AVM, not the Accident kill me, so I have a second opportunity in life… Still working and teaching English… the Accident happened in Asia, now I am visiting my family in South America and continue to work now teaching English as a second language.

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Hi, my story is so different. I never had any pain or symptoms or anything like that, from the first time I was told my AVM is asymptomatic… that is for me a blessing… I can feel anything. The only thing is a bit of memory loss. Not in the day to day activities, but sometimes people said that I have done that before. I don’t have a clue. Still, remember things from early times, Just today talking to a friend that is getting me the tickets for our School reunion, I asked her for her house address and she sent it to me and said Luza you been here before… I was Stunned I can’t recall ever been there…
Has anyone had any similar experiences?
Thanks and will said good night over here is almost midnight.



I thought I’d move your posts out into your own thread. The conversation that you joined didn’t seem to have taken up chatting with you.

I think it is quite common, where a person loses part of their memory function, that other people notice it rather than you. I remember when I went to the ER having been sent there by my primary doctor, I went through a few tests and a bunch of questions but rather than ask me the questions, the doctor asked my wife, “does he do this…?”
“Does he do that…?”
And I thought to myself “hey, wait a minute, I’m here, you know” but the exact reason why the doctor was asking her rather than me was because if my memory was affected, I would tell him, quite earnestly and convincingly, that I don’t do X or Y but in fact that testimony would be most unreliable if I did have a memory issue going on.

So, if you have got a bit of a memory issue, others will know about it much more than you.

Hope this helps.



Thanks Dick of course helps.