Hi! I'm Lucky Mae Quilao, an AVM fighter

Oh I know, this site has provided the term "AVM Survivor" for people like me. But I rather describe myself as someone still battling AVM because that is what I really am now: someone fighting with all her might to keep pace with my condition so that I would not waste the third shot at life the Supreme Being has given me. Yes, you read it right. This is my third chance. The first was when I was born, the second was last March 7, 1998. Last year, the day Harry Potter was born in Hogwarts (July 31, for you non-Harry Pottah fans), the malformation recurred, leaving me unable to do a lot of basic things to date.

Two months ago, a young neurologist declared me free from the sickness. Well, at least he hoped that the mass would not regrow anymore and see me through my fourth life (but that is…). I’m basically okay now – if you could call someone who cannot walk properly, eat heartily, write legibly and smile amicably that. Anyway…

I’m happy there is this site designed originally for people like me as well as for the people around people like me. It’s just ironic that there isn’t something like this in the Philippines (but, on a second thought, should I really be sad about that?). Hello, fellow AVM ‘fighters’! Let’s live and let love!

Hello, Lucky! You make a good point… “Survivor” may seem like an odd title for those that are still fighting their AVM, but to look at it in a slightly more optimistic light, the fact that you are here and able to tel us how you feel and what you are going through automatically makes you a survivor.

Hello Lucky and welcome to the site! And you are right, I’m a fighter as well! Many of us still are. But like Jake said we are also survivors. Everyday that we make it through is a day we survived. And how wonderful they all are :slight_smile:
So glad that you are here and able to share your story with everyone. What a great message you have- let’s live and let love. Sounds good to me!

Hi Lucky,

Glad you found us. Keep on fighting and surviving and thriving!

Best wishes,


Hi Lucky,
thanks for sharing your story, I think it’s avery inspiring one.
All the best,

Thank you…for you positive energy and you optimistic to life…I wish the best… thank you Happythanks giving day…

Hi Lucky
Your story is so inspiring and I wish you the best from another AVM fighter.

Hi, I am glad that you are a Survivor. I am also, but my story does not turn out as great as yours. It is good to hear that someone has a positive experience from this awful thing called an A.V.M.