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Hi! 26, ruptured brain AVM, hospitalised on bday!



I’m Laura. I’m 26 living in Manchester. New to this site. For me it started with severe headaches which woke me up from sleep at 4am. I sat on it for 5 days thinking it was a bad migraine or pulled neck muscle, before taking myself to A&E on my birthday so you know it was bad. :joy:

Docs found a brain AVM in the anterior aspect of my corpus callosum. Stayed in hospital for 4 days for scans and angio before being discharged. I was told its a very small, low-risk AVM and can be treated with radiotherapy so that’s what I’m waiting for now.

Suffice to say I’m doing really well! My headaches have already resolved and I’m 98% back to my normal self but told to stay off work for a bit longer. Feeling a bit of a fraud really looking at the horrendous stuff other members here are going through. But I know it’s early days for me.

Glad to find this community. I’m sure everyone I know IRL is sick of hearing about my AVM so I do love this safe space. :blush:


Welcome to the site a lot of good people on here; I’m glad they found your AVM and it’s treatable!
Stay strong and don’t be too much in a rush to get back to work until you deal with the AVM.


I know that’s what everyone says. It’s hard to stay still feeling ok like this but I’m enjoying time off nonetheless.


Lovely Laura! I love your name!

I hope the headaches stay away and you can get the radiotherapy to permanently erase it! I would say one of the worst bits about a discovered AVM (by which I mean with no bleed) is the stress we put ourselves through, worrying about the implications of it. That can be very real and recovering from that is not unreasonable.

We are here for every step along the way, every question you have and, as someone pointed out the other day, not just for those who are most in need or in the direst condition – our aim is for everyone to be able to tell what’s bothering them and be a support to eachother.

So, welcome! It’s great to have you with us and I hope you’ll find answers to questions you have, the ability to ask your own questions or just seek emotional support.

Best wishes



Lovely Laura welcome to site for AVM-ers. We are here to support and encourage you as you take this journey. I have been on the road to total recovery for about 3-1/2 years, and I’m still in it, to win it! We are a great group of supporters because, “we get it”, when nobody else does. My daily medicine is P&P (Prayer & Patience). Try it. It truly helps. Wishing you the best of luck,

Sharon D…


Thanks Richard :blush::heart:


Thank you Sharon :heart: