HHT (with brain AVM) survivor in UK- seeks advice re Travel insurance

Hi all, I was hoping I could pick some of the brains of those of you in the UK, who have AVMs due to the condition HHT ( Hereditary Haemorrhaegic Telangiectasia). I am seeking travel insurance to visit Europe and am finding that most of the insurance companies wont insure me due to me having HHT, have any of you found any insurers who will cover you? and if so , could you share any intelligence you have please?
I would appreciate any insight you might have ?
many thanks and kind regards


I don’t remember where I got this reference from (and check it thoroughly because I’ve not used them myself) but the one insurer I’ve heard of for covering medical conditions is

I agree, getting insurance for pre-existing conditions is a nightmare / real obstacle.

I’ve not looked to see if they cover HHT but I hope they do!

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Hi Richard,

Thanks for your feedback. Sadly they don’t cover HHT either😗 so I’m ‘back to the drawing board’ On this mission!

Really appreciated your feedback though. Kind regards

Hmm. Very annoying. So much for the title in the web site! I tried to get my wife covered for something, years ago, and found that no one would cover it. It didn’t matter how hard we tried and how much we tried to call in “loyalty”, they were not the slightest bit interested. Presumably seen as too risky. We went anyway(!). It just became our risk rather than theirs.

While the EHIC cards work, it is less of an issue in Europe but I expect that could/will change this month.

I’m sorry that didn’t work. Very best wishes always,



I just found some interesting information about travel to Europe and the EHIC cards… pre-existing conditions are apparently covered under the EHIC scheme and you would be ok to travel any time during 2020 if you have one.

Hope this might help a bit.

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Hi Dick,

What a great memory you have ! As my query was weeks ago . Thats Impressive :+1:

Thanks very much for thinking of me and passing your knowledge on :grin:. Thankyou .

Ps. We did eventually find an insurance company to cover my HHT condition (Holiday extras ), so I’m just sharing that with you in case others would find that helpful in the future?

Kind regards

Diane Rawson


That’s a great share, thank you!

I have to say, I remembered having the conversation but I chat with so many people, I forget who I’ve spoken to about what but a bit of careful searching using the magnifying glass above meant I found you. However, I’m glad you found a way forward!

Have a great holiday, when it comes!

Best wishes


Thankyou . You too, wherever you may travel this year!

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