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HHT questions


My daughter’s bleed/emergency crani occurred in 2009. My other two older children haven’t had any health issues – until recently.

I have a 13-year-old daughter as well. A couple months ago, she was goofing around with friends and got pushed into a door jam. She had vision issues, nausea and a headache. I took her into ER, where a CT indicated there was no bleed. A month later, she hit the back of her head and suffered a more extreme headache, vision problems, nausea, dizziness and ringing in her ears. Another ER visit – docs weren’t concerned. All this was probably a month ago, yet the symptoms persist. I know concussion symptoms can persist for a long time, but this does have me a bit concerned.

Then I got to thinking and realized that my husband and his paternal grandfather both required pacemakers at a young age, but not because of blockages or anything, but because of a slow heart rate (bradycardia). My husband’s father suffered a massive stroke a year ago, plus several smaller ones before that time.

I realize all this could be absolutely not related, but I got to thinking earlier this week and realized there could very well be AVMs involved. We just haven’t had an angio or MRI that could conclusively see an AVM.

Has anyone else had anything similar?