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Hey....has anyone?


Has anybody feel really hot inside the head, like when you got fever but actually your body temperature is not high?

I live in a place with hot temperatures and humidity , I’m spend most of the time inside my room with the air conditioner and applying cold compress…but I still feel that heat inside my head sometimes most of thw times when Im not having a good day, you know ataxia, aphasia, neuropathic pain, tn and photosensitive.


Sometimes a have this weird sensation in my head. I wouldn’t describe it as heat. It’s usually when I wake up. I end laying in bed and falling back asleep. Nothing eats up a day like a 4-5 nap on the end of 9-10 hours of sleep.

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I see…I’ll continue checking my symptoms and activities:)


LOL yeah but at 50+ rather than some mystery malady there’s a name for it - hot flash. You look pretty young though so unless you’ve had a hysterectomy I doubt that’s it. Does it happen after you’ve exercised/been active, after you’ve stopped working out or have been fast walking or quickly moving have abruptly about/sat down to relax because if you have a large, cerebral AVM that can be normal. Usually if you do and that happens though, then at the same time your head will also be pounding.

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I did feel rely hot in the head once and that’s because I cought viral meningitis. Temp was so high it caused a grand mal seizure and then blacked out. That was way back in 2002. As far as health now things are good but for any one with a brain AVM stay cautious. Doctor told me viral meningitis is a lot more easer to effect others with brain injuries.

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Hi Dulce_Chao, Have you considered contacting your local doctor about this ?, If you have any concerns do not think you are over reacting at all, After all we have all been through its always best to give the docs a ring and perhaps they can talk to you over the phone ? (In the UK where I live they do phone consultations for this type of thing)

Hope it helps and this gets better.


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Well my avm is 2.5 but its in my cerebellum wich is small compared to other brain areas…so maybe…oh by the way I don’t do any exhaustive activities the doctors told me to better not exercise, just walk as much as I can but the avm has affected my balance and if I walk 1 hour consecutive I lost strength on my left leg and start to limp :confused:


:dizzy_face: I’ll stay alert


Hi Martin I wish I could but Im in a predicamenet im been treated on Mexico city in a institute specialized on neuro stuff and because this institute help a lot people that can’t afford a private service well its kind of difficult trying to contact the doctors because there is a lot of work for them plus I was transferred from the radiologists group that cheked me first time to the surgeons group (because their counsel decide it was the best for my case) and I haven’t met my surgeon yet.

My next appointment is on September, and there are no other better doctors here than in the capital :sweat:that’s why im waiting


I have felt similarly. Especially if neuropathic pain has been aggravated/worsened by trigger. Hope you are feeling better since this post.

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Thanks joy, I tried everyday :slight_smile: