Hey everyone- sorry to have been out of touch

i admit it, I have been in a funk. I found out that a series of micro-bleeds led to my headaches, dizziness and memory issues the past few weeks. Its what caused that episode on the plane. I got depressed- I know it. Am still that way. I am tired of this and want to move on so it just frustrated me to have to deal with this.

Plus, work is tough- the economy has really affected our income stream so we’re hunkering down significantly. Its winter and its cold.

However, we’re alive and kicking. Chris is well, I’m actually going to be fine and the sun will come out tomorrow.

Hugs to you all.

Brian sorry you have had such a hard time. Alot of us have been feeling that way . I agree we need some sum , things just don’t seam as bad with a bit of sun …You hang in there !

Hey Brian, I agree with Pauline, alot of us are feeling down, this time of year is hard on people, tired of winter, ready for spring. The economy is in a downward spiral and, then to add the micro bleeds on top of all of that I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t be feeling out of sorts.
I hope you feel better soon and I for one look forward to your wonderful blogs once you are feeling better, so until then I will send you one of my world famous, much in demand, fantabulous bearhugs


:slight_smile: Lianne

I’ve been worried about you…I knew something was wrong when we stopped getting your weekly posts. I am so glad that you are back, Brian! How did you find out about the micro-bleeds?

Hang in there, my friend. We’ll get through this together!

Welcome back Brian! Was wondering where you had wandered off to. And yep, the winter blues…we even have them out here in California! Well at least Northern California!!! The SoCal members are probably sitting on the beach with a simple long sleeve Tshirt. #*%$'s! :slight_smile:
I’m sorry you have been in a funk. But understandably. The bleeds…It sucks. I’ll totally give you that.
But I’m glad to hear that you know the sun will come out, and this will pass. Maybe a trip out to SF in May for the walk will cheer you up?!?!?

Brian I am so sad to hear that you are feeling down but I am SOOO glad to just hear from you! I know somehow you will work thru this and get your “happy” back. It’s not easy. Sometimes you just gotta be sad and that’s okay. Yes, the ecomomy does suck. Just take it one day at a time. thanks for checking in.

Hey there bri just try and chill out a bit, it is hard in this day and age to cope with anything let alone a avm! It is really trying times here with the way of the economy but hey we are all in the same boat! Well mayby not the person who nabbed the lottery last night!LOL try and stay positive we are all thinking of you

Hi Brian…glad you are back with us…I think we all have the cabin fever blues and having to deal with all of the health issues just compounds everything…keep your sunny attitude, spring will be here soon! Take care of U!