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Hey AVMSupport group


I always enjoy sharing my story. I’m a longtime member I’m 29 in August. Encountered my AVM in 2000 while from my account “Sat at our kitchen table to do homework at the age of nine…” I’m a high school graduate, yes it was challenging but I stayed true to myself. Have had many encounters that I can recall with loved ones . Like niki, she had just encountered her significant others’, at a later stage than I encountered and just gave her a few encouraging words and she told me it actually helped. I’ve posted many times I just had my eighteenth annerversery since my bleed. I thank God for everyday I have to enlighten someone else’s. I just want anyone to know, you are not alone. This is a tight nite group and I know even though it’s hard to show emotion in text. But, it’s joyous seeing the positive words shared.
Yours Truly,

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Hey Tex,

Its great to hear from you and that you’re doing well. Very best wishes for the next year!


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Letting you know that we’re about the same age and we had our AVM discovered the same year. Had my AVM rupture back in May of 2000. Had just turned 10 years old. Next year will be 20 years from when my AVM happened.


Mine was on May 11, can recall the day like it was just yesterday. Like I state in my postings, I’ll never forget the pain of that migraine.


Hi, Jerrod,

It has been over 25 years since my AVM ruptured when I was 39, a nurse, and in grad school. I STILL remember everything clearly! I had had migraines most of my life. THIS headache was different, thank goodness, or I would have thought it was just another migraine! And, I would not be replying to you now!

Stay strong!

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Hey lifeisgood,
It was the first and last for me. Like I’ve told soo many, I had just got home from elementary school, sat down to do homework. And started loosing vision and vomiting. Can recount from mom reettering that when they transferred me from Women’s and Childern’s in Mobile, Alabama to Dallas. That when they wheeled me out that the paramedics felt like wheeling the character Jerry from Seinfeld asposedly.


in 2009 against all odds received this, ten years after being faced with this, when I know they were just splurging facts, but two years after slaying this beast walked into public school after two years of home schooling. What nine year old needs to hear all the negativity as I saw it and, used it for fuel. , my nephew and I in Alabama in 2016.


Good going, Jerrod!

I am sure you will make the most of your life! Puts life into clear perspective, doesn’t it?



Hey lifeisgood, I told myself back then in 2000, the only failure is not to try. I’m now with just a limp from not regaining the muscle memory in my ankle, but other than that I’ve done anything and everything I wanted. From tubing back a short time after my surgery in 2000, to rock climbing in 2011. People reettered “I’m a trooper”, but never liked labels. Even in high school when counselors would try to assist me and suggest going into a L.D.(Learning Disability) class I said “I wanted try give the regular class a tryout and then go from there”. They fought me tooth and nail. Until my counselor Mrs.Reed, bless her soul, after eight years of what I would compare to scratching and clawing someone actually got my vision and assisted. I never looked at myself as anything other than a human. Just wanting to make his mark on this world, from the paramedics in 2000; to a post reader this month, I can truly say “I’m doing what that nine year old me imagined of doing”. Bring a tear to my eye now, to look back an observe what I have endured, but also loved everyone who went on this bull ride with me. This just hit me if it hadn’t been for this fight in me, I’d possibly would be laid up in a hospital room with a feeding tube and catherder still in me. I’ve fought so long and so hard, to reach were I am now. It saddens me that somewhere there is someone, that given the chance can change lives, like I’ve done. And, I just love the encounters on here of how much this drive inspires others, it’s what I set out to do and am doing. Changing lives no matter, if it had stopped with the paramedic to my blog post reader. Hoorah Sincerely yours, Tex