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Hey AVMSupport group

I always enjoy sharing my story. I’m a longtime member I’m 27, 28 in August. Encountered my AVM in 2000 while from my account “Sat at our kitchen table to do homework at the age of nine…” I’m a high school graduate, yes it was challenging but I stayed true to myself. Have had many encounters that I can recall with loved ones . Like niki, she had just encountered her significant others’, at a later stage than I encountered and just gave her a few encouraging words and she told me it actually helped. I’ve posted many times I just had my eighteenth annerversery since my bleed. I thank God for everyday I have to enlighten someone else’s. I just want anyone to know, you are not alone. This is a tight nite group and I know even though it’s hard to show emotion in text. But, it’s joyous seeing the positive words shared.


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Happy anniversary!

It’s great to have bit of positive encouragement going on. It is @Corrine’s first anniversary of joining here today, so Happy Different Anniversary to Corrine as well!

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Have a great day!


Thanks for the edit Richard and will note.

Thankyou Richard! Feels crazy that it’s been just over a year now since I got diagnosed! So much has changed since then - I was feeling very alone and depressed and now I’m alot happier and I have this amazing community in my life :smile: :raised_hands: :muscle:

Happy Anniversary @Jerrod_Black1 , loving your positive vibes :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Corrine, like I state in my intro, when I found this tight nit group “I was searching for myself.” In the process I found a group that I could lend my experiences to so they wouldn’t have to bear the emotional tribulations that I did in the beginning. I’m sad to hear that you felt alone and depressed but glad to hear that your doing better. Corrine like I’ve posted about the young woman that’s ex had an avm when they had just started their life together. All she repeated was “What could I have done to reduce the outburst he has”,”Howcome his situation is so different from yours’mine’.” And me telling her to ease her mind “he’s not lashing out at you at all times, just the situation that he went from one day working and abled to do anything to being wheelchair bound.” Since then I’ve had multiple say your outlook has helped. I’ve went from the E.R. To High School graduate and now a leather craftsman.


That’s awesome to hear you have been able to use your experiences to help many people. I feel the same way, sharing experiences to contribute makes it all feel a little better to have gone through it all. Yeah it was mainly because I had an awful year leading up to diagnosis unaware of my brain damage and then had to defer finishing uni. Feel lots more positive now though :smile: realised life doesnt follow a schedule and uncertainty is just something to be accepted.

All the best


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