Hey AVM Community I've had some success targeting certain age groups and just wanted to extend a welcoming hand

Im in Midland, Texas living life post release. With the minimal to come back witch is better than I’ve heard from others. I’m here to support who ever needs a rock to lean on. I’ve lived the recovery process, had only me to buckle my bootstraps and say do you really want to be bedridden or someone you can be proud of. I have my Regular High School Diploma. And a heck of a motivational speech for anyone that’s thought they’ve hit rock bottom. I’m now walking 5 miles a day, lifting 85 lbs, and eight laps around a 23 ft pool. I’ve had two caretakers tell me that they were moved and inspired by my willingness to help others in my journey. If you have any questions, need for inspiration, or anything please do not hold back. I make light in the mist of darkness, and its darkest just before the dawn. Yours Truly, Jerrod “Tex” Black

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Hey, congratulations! This is pretty inspiring. Curious, did you manage to stay in shape at all while you were recovering? I don't know how to keep from wasting away without risking more bleeds. Regardless, thanks, hope things are well.

I remember after my Titainum clips were in that and know Dr.Scott was being realistic but, he said there’s a big possibility that you(I) would never walk again. It just gave me the motivation to push myself beyond their means. I was nine when it bled. Two years post the bleed I walked back into my elementary. And haven’t looked back to say I wish I had it to do again.

I just remember telling myself “you can do this” over and over again. The worst thing you can do is keep telling yourself you can’t.

Thank you for this. Accepting my own disabilities was one of the most dehumanizing things I've ever done, and it crushed my morale. Thank you again.

Why I continue to advocate for this is I had a dear friend that hid this condition, and his family followed suit, and I think maybe if they knew more about the power of positivity. He might still be with us. And to go further I had a young woman my age have her fence’ have one in his mid-20’s. And I tried to ease her worries but I found out months later that they split because of tension. But, all I can say in my power to ease her mind.

No problem you can do anything you set your mind to.

thanks Tex. I was just about to post "how you cope" post. I know the outlook I want to have and should have....I just have trouble sometimes. I had a bleed in February, and I've seen pretty good recovery since then (able to do most things indepedently)... It's just so hard having a family and thinking that today could be the last day you see them. I did the Gamma Knife is May for the Pons area of my brainstem...but Im just terrified of what can go wrong :/.

I know it’s quite donating Eric. But, having lived with it and seen how others viewed, having or having a loved one encounter one. I’m beasting the expectations. Once Dr.Scott released me in 2006, and told me unless I have any complications he didn’t see that the need be for any more checkups. I’m not able to hold down a steady job but am drawing enough to keep my head above water with aid of some Leathercraft sales. Limitations are down to weakness in right side and short term memory loss.
Yours Truly,

Jerrod, I totally agree with this and this helped me hugely during the waiting time to have my AVM treated after my bleed. I kept telling myself "don't worry you'll be fine!" and told myself so much that I believed it and this has changed the way I think about things now and made me a stronger person. Its a difficult thing to do, but never give up :) . Thanks

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Yes sir

Your positivity is enlightening and encouraging. Thank you i am experiencing pre-surgery pain and jitters but I will keep you in my prayers.

I try. I was so young that I didn’t know what was the norm was.

My cousin that’s four years younger told me recently, “You know what motivated me from your situation was your never give up attitude”, through out all my diagnosis, I always said I will define this diagnosis, this diagnosis will not define me.