Hey AVM Community I've had some success targeting certain age groups and just wanted to extend a welcoming hand to any of the first time readers

I’ve been lucky I’ve had the joy of mentoring people for years and hope my story is one that inspires for more years to come. Even in my darkest days I’ve found peace and love through inspiring and sharing with others. 17 years doesn’t seem like fare ago. I can remember laying up in ICU, being told the possibilities and laying there and telling myself in two years I will be walking. I was an arrogant nine year old with a wild hair not wanting to listen to the doctors’ prejections. And here I am. Walking without any aids (no cast, no crutches). I am surprised and not surprised, what others settled for but, want to show others that have encountered this beast that their is a life post bleed. I had a young lady that at the time was juggling her fence’s diagnoses of a bleed and the post bleed differences in his actions. She told me that he hadn’t been himself and I just enlightened her to a point of an AVMSUVIVOR. I later wrote to find out how things were. And she told me a month after our talk he pushed her beyond her limit and she left him and she had worried if she had done the right thing. And I enlighten her she was faced with a choice and choose the one that she felt was the best for her. I wish whomever reads this finds peace and encouragement to follow your heart.

Yours Truly

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