Heros' undercover

We are the lights to the world that some thing is wrong, we suffer so the truth can be found, and fixed. In the past Miner’s took a little Sparrow into the mine with them, so the miner’s lives could be saved. The little sparrows’ gave their lives, and this warned the Miner’s that poisonous gases where in the air. We are the massagers, we are loving and sensitive, we are chosen to be the beacons, too shine the light on the unknown. Deep in our hearts we know; others could not endure the physical and emotions pain we have lived thought. We are the heros’ under cover.

Those are pretty profound words. Are you a professional poet? I also found the point you make in the book Man’s Search for Meaning by Holocaust survivor Victor Frankl. Thanks for posting.

I’v never read Man’s Search, but I’ll have to put that on my list. Thank you for the compliment. I lived on the right side of my brain for a while, after my stroke. I think that where the poet, in me was awakened.

Karen- What a wonderful message. I would love to post this on my personal blog. Would you mind?

I am flattered Shalon, post away, it’s time to heal all of us. Illnesses can play such a hugh roll on our selve worth. Personally this emotion pain has been the worce part for me.

Thank you so much! I’m going to go do it now. Feel free to check out my blog and see your poem! http://shalonavm.blogspot.com

karen that is very touching, i always hope that my journey through this will help others…because it is a hell of a long road and it does take a special person to make it to the end

I am so touched by the love and caring people on this site. Just this alone is profound; I just wounder is that also part of God’s plan, to unit us, to teach us true love for our selves and each other. No matter what we experience we still have love.

This is so beautiful and insprirational. I am going to print and frame this to add to my collection of beautiful sayings on my desk.
Thank you
Lee Ann

Wow…what an amazing post, are you a poet? Makes me think of things a little differently now. :slight_smile:

Beautiful Karen. thanks to Shalon for highlighting on her blog.

That is beautiful.