So I have found out that it is hereditary my grandpa who just passed had a cat scan and angiogram both showed that he had an AVM in his brain I almost fell over... Scary to know that he had an AVM... wasn't anywhere close to my size but still had it.

Hmm. That's interesting. I know drs say they aren't hereditary. In the same note they also say they don't know much about them. So who's to say.

Thank you for sharing this, :)

Ok now this is creepy my cousin had it in the frontal lobe and his brother had and he died from it at a young age. I'm beginning to believe it is heredity ha!! They want my whole family to get cat scans to show if they do or don't. SCARY!!!

Katie, some people have a genetic condition such as HHT that can predispose them to have avms. You can learn more about HHT at