Here we go

I’m starting to think I’m a geek… I mean I actually have a livejournal and a blogger already, but now I have this too. At least I know I could talk about my AVM here more freely here and know that people will actually know what I’m talking about, I mean, of course my friends want to hear about more interesting things than what makes me sad most of the time, so here we go…

I’m currently nineteen years old. I’ve been through more pain than most people my age, maybe even adults. Not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually.

I’m pretty sure the radiation process I went through to help get rid of the AVM is the most physically painful thing I had to go through in my entire life. Not only was it terrible laying on one of those metal hospital table-things for about an hour without music (they promised I could listen to my ipod, what a lie) but the fact that the helmet was screwed into my head with relatively large screws… well, that may possibly be as painful as childbirth!

I was sobbing and begging the doctors to stop as they attached the heavy helmet unto my head. Someone gave me a piece of gauze because my head started bleeding. I have never been in so much pain in my entire life, but at the same time, I hope it obliterated my AVM.

I have an MRI in a few months… don’t exactly know when and I don’t wanna know because I’m a little nervous about the results. I really hope the blood flow in my brain stopped because ever before my incident last year, I have hardly ever been sick.

That’s why it was so surprising to discover that for eighteen years, I’ve seemingly lived a healthy life, not knowing I had tangled blood bessels in my brain. It’s definitely not fair, but life isn’t fair anyway.

hi Jill…I also had radiation gamma,with the pins,I can read your post and see myself,I cryed like a baby when they did the pins in my head,was one of the worst pains,besides kidney stones,I think the stones may have one up on the pins,but so close,the gamma is a blessing in the end,ive seen such good results,its been two years now,not much change in the first year but second year ,lots,doc says in a year or so,should be gone,what a blessing to have the gamma reach in and kill this thing with out opening my head,I feel blessed to be able to have this thing gone without thehuge pain of surgery to my head,im 43
went 41 years without even knowing of this thing,except life long headaches,after gamma,had a few seizures which ive never had in my life till the gamma,and it took me some time to get strong and feel rite after the radiation,still get weard pains in the head,but,for the mist part,i feel much better and feel blessed that there is a way to get this thing with out a whole in the head,God is good and ive been blessed with no bleeds,ever!!and i feel positive the gamma wil get rid of this thing,think positive,the worst is over my friend,its all about healing now and you will feel better again,I know its been so hard,so many of us can relate to your story,your not alone,these people on this site are like family,will help you with prayers and friendship,:slight_smile: xxoo

I’m having GK the 22 of July. I went 49 years without knowing that this thing was in my brain.
I had various problems all of my life, but I don’t go to the doctors for the problems and when I did go I was misdiagnosed until 12-08-09, that is when I had a bleed that led to a stroke, I did okay after rehab and then embolization on 4-16-09 gave me another stroke, an ischemic stroke. I can still move my right side, it is still numb though, I can’t tell the difference between hot and cold on the right side, not as numb now 7-11-09 and I have various other things happening. I’m living with new issues, but glad to be living:)


I hope that your MRI will show that the AVM was obliterated and that you never have to go through this again.


Thanks everyone!