Here we go again

I had my third radiation treatment 11/23/15. They missed a spot. It has grown new feeders since the last diagnostic angio I had back in 2012. My hair has fallen out again. This time right on the top of my head. About 2.5 inches in diameter. At least I have a bunch of hair that I can cover it up with. I am so ready for this mess to be over with. I am having my third embolization this Monday on the 21st. The other 2 were in 2012. I now know how my mother felt all the years she was enduring so many doctor visits. She saw doctor after doctor for 10 years, plus she had epilepsy for nearlt all her life. The very mention of going to the hospital, you could see the "I don't want to go , but I guess I have too." , look in her eyes. Please Lord let this be the last thing they have to do. That the next time they do a diagnostic angio it will be gone. Totally.

All the best to you :-) Hope they will get it this time.. Way to hard to go though this more than one time. Stay strong.

I am also waiting the result of my embo. and GK 7 month ago......