Here we go again

On Feb.13 Sophia began to experience numbness on her effected(left) side, it traveled from her cheek to her hand, then up her arm. A CT scan at our local ER revealed a small vein thrombosis which a later cerebral angiogram confirmed to be another small AVM. Surgery was scheduled for Feb.18. I have to admit, I kept saying i can't believe we are going through this again!!! Sophia took the news of another surgery better than I expected. After a rather long day...she came out of surgery signing with the Doctors to have the intubation tube removed-my lil fighter!! The day after surgery she was sitting up, brushing her teeth and ready to walk...I attribute her perseverance and optimism to her faith,strength and strong will. Within 3 weeks she was back to school and is recovering. After this surgery she did have more weakness in her left hand but therapy will help. I look forward for the days and weeks to come and thank God for His many blessings.

What a brave girl, and a brave mom! I hope this is the end of AVMs for you!