Here comes Brain Surgery #2 : (

Goodevening my AVM friends...I have some updates, we found out that Chuck has to have another brain surgery. We find out this Tuesday the 27th when the surgery will be. The Neurosurgeon said that the radiation will take to long for it to be effective (3years). So now here we go again, this is such a crazy emotional roller-coaster! Also, my husband is affraid he will not make it (understandable) but my goodness it is so heart-breaking to hear him talk about it, we talk about it together (cry a lot...I do he doesn't, but I see the fear in his eyes).

One of the things that have been different is that my husbnad doesn't like a lot of the food he used to. He doesn't even like many left-overs. I would like you all to help me with some ideas on recipes. My husband is a country boy, he doesn't like much pasta now at all. I'm racking my brain, and am running out of things to make. Thank you everyone! I will let you know how we make out Tuesday!!

Oh Carrie I hope this is the beginning to the end of your trials and after this surgery recovery comes quickly and safely. It must be so scary for you not only because not only is he your husband and you love him you see the fear his eyes hold. Words are different from the pure emotion your eyes show. He may say he is fearful, but when you see it deep into his eyes you see the absolute truth. My prayers and well wishes and hope and good karma and whatever else I can sent your way to safely bring him through this. Thank you for your update.

I feel for you & Chuck. All the best for the surgery, I hope it goes well. Best wishes to you both :slight_smile:

Hi Carrie. Thanks for the update. I am really sorry you are having to deal with such a difficult situation. I am too new at this to offer much advice, but I sure can tell you it is scary. I can’t really tell anyone except my dear friends here that, yes, it’s a little scary. So, it will mean a lot to your husband just to know you know that and to have your empathy. I don’t think my wife has any idea how stressed I am. Best of luck tomorrow. I am sending prayer and positive vibes your way. I will be thinking of you.

Thank you everyone!! It means so much to me!!!

May God grant you skilled and gentle hands to perform this surgery. Please keep the faith. God Bless you, yours and Chuck.

Hi Carrie. The surgery must have effected his taste buds. it may make it easier for you , see if this may work. ask what he has a taste for if he likes it write out a list of the foods that satisfied him. hope this helps

Love and God Bless
Mark and Tina

Chuck came home today!!! AVM was obliterated!!! His shunt had to get adjusted, he’s feeling better from that, Thank god he made it through and only had to stay in a week!!!

HELLO Carrie and Chuck !
Rest , sleep , heal . May you have the smoothest sailing through healing .
Be good to you . Take care of you . Positive thoughts and loving prayers for you ( all ) .