Hemorrhage without nauseous - Just headache?

Hi guys, I've had a bleed previous (31st Dec 2013) and when I had that I had a headache for a few hours then felt nauseous and began to vomit also. The pain was behind my right eye and I have an AVM on the right temporal lobe. My question is can you have a bleed without having the nauseous feeling and vomiting ?. Reason I'm asking is that I've had a headache since yesterday morning and my regular (low dosage) pain killers are not helping much at all. But on the other side of my mind is that I'm feeling "blocked" up from my nose and maybe its just a regular cold along with my "normal" headaches. Any advice welcome if it continues or gets then I will go to the hospital to get checked out. But part of me is thinking that I just need some rest. So my question is really have anyone here had a rupture/bleed with no nausea or vomiting, Just a headache that is not getting better with low dose codeine based pain killers. Thanks in advance.

im asking here just for advice and if I feel any other symptoms or it gets worse I will just go to hospital :) , But thanks for the advice

Hi Martin,
I'll encourage you if you think, even remotely, there may be something wrong, possible bleed, call or go see your Doc. Please take care of you. We're all different with our unique AVMs. If your Doc tells you to wait and see, fine. At least he's alerted to what is going on with you.

Thanks Sharon, I'm doing better at the moment :) but think I will goto the docs tomorrow to see if I can get just a few stronger pain killers for just in case, Think its just a 2 day migraine so far :) , But thanks again with the advice and I agree with what you said :)

Take care.

Hello Martin!! Yes it is possible, as I never had sudden onset of nausea and vomiting with any of my 3 brainstem bleed!! Its always better to be safe than sorry! Call your doctor :)