Hemicrania Continua?

Hi guys, I'm pretty sure that I've had a headache with no gaps (only slight relief ) since my rupture 31st Dec 2013 so about a year or so , I've been taking codeine/Paracetemol based pain killers for the last year also, I've been progressively lowering the codeine dosage as I can, I take 2 x 30/500 mg in the mornings then after that 8/500 mg if needed as the day goes on (with a 4 hour gap at least and a max of 8 per day)at night before bed I also take 30/500. I feel that I only get relief from the dull constant pain now when taking the 30/500's :( . I've just been referred to a local (Glasgow Scotland) Headache clinic and I think the first thing they will do is take me off all pain meds for a few weeks which will be hellish, Not only for me but for those around me :( , I just wish to have a normal life again and to be happy around my wife and kids in stead of this grumpy guy who is always asking for quiet and avoiding busy places.

Has anyone else been referred to a headache clinic in the UK and how did they approach your situation ?, I title this post the "Hemicrania Continua" But I have no clue what my headache would be classed as just read this and thought it was the best fit. I'm just looking for advice from anyone in a similar situation who perhaps has headaches due to damage from a rupture or cranio and has attended a headache clinic. Thanks in advance and hope you all take care.

I’ve never been to the UK, but went to a pain clinic here in the states, after my avm rupture in 2004 and was put on many different pain meds. After all was said and done I was put on oxycodone 5mg every 4 hours. That worked for a while but now am up to 20 msg every 4 hours just to keep my headaches to a dull roar. If I miss a dose, after an hour or so it seems like something is scratching around inside my brain. If I do sleep, which isn’t much, it wakes me up after about 5 hours screaming at me. I do wish you luck and hope they can figure something out for you, because if they took my meds away, I would not be able to make it.

Hi and thanks for your reply, Yeah taking the meds away completely seems like all pain and no gain :( , But I'll try anything for this. Thanks and take care :) .