Helping a friend!

Yesterday I received a phone call none of us want. A friend of mine called to say her 6 year old niece had become disoriented, couldn't remember family members and then began to seize. She was star flighted to a great children's hospital and my friend said all she could think of was my daughter. She asked the Dr.s if it was caused by an avm? The Dr was surprised that she had ever even heard of avm's. He told her they believed that in fact an avm was to blame for her nieces troubles. Today they will do an MRI and make a plan of action. I feel blessed that through all of my daughters troubles we have helped another family become aware of what AVM's are however, I never wanted anyone else to go through this. How do I offer the best support possible. I do feel blessed that she felt she could call me and ask. "What do we need to ask the Drs.?" I just hope I have helped her. Please everyone send a prayer for this beautiful little girl!
Thanks for letting me cry here so that I may be strong for her!

How wonderful that she had you to call for support. Encourage your friend to join this group. You are already an incredible source of information and support because of what you've been through with your daughter. Knowing that there are thousands more here to help may be of some comfort to her. Best wishes to your friends and her family,

Prayers have been said. This post may help her…

As Trish said, you are already a wonderful source of support & information for your friend! Like all here, we wouldn't wish this on anyone, however, you will be able to help her so much and tell her about this wonderful site and the members who help and support each other. All my very best wishes to you, and your friend's daughter & family.