Well everyone,

I’m going through alot, as are most of you. I just feel like I dont have anyone here I can talk to about everything. The avastin infusions i’ve been getting are helping with the brain swelling but the other 20 something pills im on are kind of making me way emotional. My family understands some, they try but its hard to get them to understand that its not me, im not crying for no reason. Im so frustraited cause im going through so much at the same time. Im trying to go throuh the avastin treatments, my boyfriends been gone for a month, my best friend hasnt talked to me ever since I went to to the hospital 3 weeks ago, The numbness and weakness in my left side is soooo frustrating. I cant even paint my nails, or do my hair. It takes me forever to even take a shower. I get so tired just doing simple things. I feel like a fool crying all the time and having to use a crutch to walk makes me very self concious. I just needed to vent to someone who knows how all this feels. And see if maybe someone could tell me how to do my nails and my hair eventhough my left hand is weak. Anyways i go in for my next Avastin infusion is on the 21st so wish me luck!

Britt :slight_smile:

Just sent you a private message. Check it out!

Britt, that’s what we’re all here for. To offer support when one or many of us are feeling down. I do understand your frustration. It’s very hard for our once able bodies to become no longer able to do simple things. I would bet that one of the nurses in the hospital will paint your nails for you. One of my nurses shaved my legs because it was distressing me so much! That was after they showered me, of course. If I’m every up in Williamsburg again, I’ll come and paint your nails. They won’t look very good because I’m half blind, but they’ll at least be colorful! Good luck with your next treatment!

Oh my, can’t all of us girls R-E-A-L-L-Y relate to this ‘maintenance’ issue (in some form, at least)? (sighs)
Not only do I have a double vision issue, my dominate side was effected (‘weakened’) so painting (& trimming/cutting) my nails, doing my hair, shaving my legs (with the effected hand), writing, etc. were ALL effected by my weakened dominate side (the side I normally used when performing such activities). I so very much longed for my nails to be painted but I could not bring myself to ask anyone to do it for me (b/c in the grand scheme of our health, I found it to be ‘trivial’ (even though it is an important part for us females)), so here’s my tip(s): try using your other hand and see if that’s possible. (As I’ve read online well before my AVM ‘event’ occurred, one good thing about not having a relationship/partner is that one does not have to ‘maintain’ his/her beauty habits/practices as often or to the degree as they normally would (I know = being a female and our personal (beauty) standards, routines, etc. are not something we can easily ‘neglect’ or give up), so use this ‘down time’ (AKA: no bf period/time) to practice with your effected hand AND your uneffected, non-dominate hand. (FYI: When I first got back into trying to paint my nails, I would get nail polish on my skin (& still do), so I’ve learned to paint my nails a day or two in advance and then peel/flake off the pieces of polish that I got on my skin that surrounds my nail.) Keep practicing and do things to strengthen your effected hand & arm.

wow guys thanks so much for the encouragment! my boyfiend gets home next wed so im feelling a little self conscious… im kinda swollen from the steroids… i havent seen him in a month due to his job with the navy and he went to see his family…him and he just wants me better but it still makes me nervous… im going to get acrylic nails put on tomorrow my mom thinks that would make things easier… guess we’ll see… thanks again ladies!!!

LOVE Y’ALL!!! :slight_smile:

Hay, can’t help you with the nail painting stuff because I’ve always chewed mine, I know bad habit. But being way emotional is so so embarrassing and frustrating, I am way over that side of things’ so if you find something that helps that please let me know. Hopefully someone won’t say think of nice things grrrrrrrrrrrr! lol
Try to stay positive and meditate

Kia Kaha Taiki


Sweetie…it’s been 3 1/2 years since my brain bleed and I still have to really think when I’m taking a shower. I’m getting better doing my nails…couldn’t even think about trying at first…Things do get better. As for the lose of boyfriend and friend, time will tell you that it’s probably for a good reason… Time will answer that question…Stay Strong and Keep the Faith!

I know it’s been about 4 days since you posted this but I just wanted to add my two cents…Getting emotional about all you went through is ok and very normal… and you are a part of this group and can talk to, vent, whatever you need, whenever you want to. You are not alone. While I understand your frustration at what used to be simple maintenance issues, things will get better (this is coming from a lady who was always concerned about her appearance). Right now just focus on your health. It’s unfortunate but now is the time when people show their true colors… be it best friends, partners in a relationship, or even family members. Just take note and again take care of yourself. You can always revisit that later. The people on this site are awesome and you can always lean here. Best of luck on your procedure!

Thank y’all soo much… Every comment makes me feel better… My parents have offically filed a complaint with the local hospital and the virginia medical board so hopefully we can start to resolv the major issues we have with these local ER doctors… Anyways love y’all

Britt :slight_smile: