Hi there can anyone who has an active avm or knows, tell me the things i cannot do with an active avm?
When i was discharged from hospital i wasnt told anything! And i didnt ask as i forgot, but surely i shouldnt of had to ask?

Kyle, check out Cindy Phillips's list of dos and don'ts for avms:

Kyle, at that time, they neve told me what to do or not do either. Thank God for Cindy's list!

Thank you Dancer mom for your link!
I was told to avoid; medications like Advil(only use Tylenol), heavy lifting(only light),heavy aerobic exercises(only light), plane rides, underwater swimming, staining when going to the bath room. A good thing to do would be to call your doctors and see if they will give you a list. I hope this helps!

Google it if there is something i need to know like what to take for headaches an stuff i have a active avm too an thats what i do....hope ur doing well

I have an active, unruptured AVM (have had 3 Gamma Knife Radiation treatments since June 2011).

These are the only "don'ts" from my neurosurgeon:

sleep deprivation
getting falling down drunk

He said I can dance as much as I want & to live my life. Flying is ok, too.

Mine told menot to lift heavy weights as i am a weightlifter and he alsodoes not want meflying in my small non preasurized airplane. Other than that they basically told me to keep living my life as normal…