I have an 8-year-old daughter who’s already had a massive rupture of an AVM in her brain (January 2009), an AVM regrew and a second surgical resection (March 2010). Both were on the right side of her head, so the deficits have always been left side. In the past month, I have seen shaking in her right hand, she’s talked… about not being able see out of her right eye, aches in her right foot. When I ask her to stick out her tongue, she can move it to the left side readily, but not as well to the right side.

She’s had a catscan about 2 months ago and an EEG about 2 weeks ago. Both showed nothing unusual or concerning.

She’s been falling a lot the past couple weeks, although she cannot explain why she fell. We have seen neurologist in the past 3 weeks. Doctor wasn’t worried. Appointment next week with neurosurgeon. I have no emergent issues that I can pinpoint (no vomiting, confusion, etc). But I can’t help but worry.