Help with finding a doctor neurologist who takes GHI. There are hundreds listed on my insurance site, don't know who is good?

Hi, I am a 39 year old healthy active new mom to a beautiful 3 month old baby boy. I am still in shock at the AVM diagnosis made by my ENT surgeon whom I went to after I was diagnosed with Vertigo from an Emergency room doctor. Fortunately the ENT suggested an MRI and found the AVM (says my vertigo is viral and not related to the AVM) I am looking for a good neurologist who takes GHI health insurance, there are hundreds to choose from. I am in shock and in a little bit in denial, however, grateful that I know there is something there so I can begin treatment.

Thnaks to all,

Claudine Flynn

Hi Claudine. Yep, choosing a doctor is difficult and you absolutely want to find someone who is good. My thoughts- I don’t know what GHI is (assuming the name of an ins company) and many people may not feel like they can answer your question just fom reading above. Prob why you haven’t had replies yet. My advice- find some of the other members who live by you and see which docs they used and there opinions. Search under the member tab for your city or state and then visit the profiles of people who match. Reading their intro’s typically will tell you if they like a doc, specially if they recommend. Also reading their blogs and forum postings should help. And of course send them a direct message, post on their wall. Ask them each and a bunch of them will totally reply to help you!
The key is getting your question to the right audience. I do think that looking for people by you, where you could travel to is prob the best first step!
Good luck with your search and I hope that we can help you get over the shock a little and help you with your journey.

Thanks so much Shalon, I guess in my haste to post( it was a bit of an SOS), I left out key details. Your post is such great news, I will do that so I can narrow my search more to folks near me. Have an appointment on Monday with a nerologist in Manhattan she’s part of Coloumbia Presbyterian Hospital, but would still like input from people who have AVM’s, and NYC Doctors. On my way now to investigate with your advise. This site has been a God sent! Best, Claudine

Hi Claudine. I was just diagnosed a few weeks ago. I go for my first angiogram on August 19th. Good luck to you. Find yourself a good doctor that you like! You will be fine.