Help to find best surgeon in Melbourne

Hi guys I am 28 years old diagnised with avm in left temporial loab after a first seizure. I stay in Melbourne, Australia and my doctor in royal Melbourne hospital advised me to go for surgery and I am confused how it goes so any frnds here know about any doctors in Melbourne handled same kind of surgeries??? And also I am from India and my family lives there so I had a plan of having treatment in India aswell, so any one has taken avm surgeries in India and let me know about the cost and place u had plzzzzzz help me

Hi Somu,

If you don't get any replies, you can go to the Members area, then Advanced search, and put in the city/country. There are 23 members in Melbourne. I didn't look in India.

If it's not a massive number, you could read the profiles of these people and might find some results.

Best wishes,
Ron, KS

Thnk you for the reply Ron as u said I joined the ausee group and find few frnds there to get some info. Thanks again have a good day

Hi Sam

The best neurosurgeon for this is PROF.MICHAEL MORGAN at Macquarie University Hospital in Sydney.
He is the best there is in Australia if not worldwide.

Good Luck,I know you will be in good hands.

Ramona, Perth

Hi Somu,
Quite a few of us Aussies on here have had our arms removed by Professor Michael Morgan. He's a Macquarie University in Sydney and is absolutely brilliant. Here's his webpage, which links to contact details: .

Prof removed my occipital avm in 2001 - I'd been told by neurosurgeons here in Brissy that my avm was inoperable - and the side effects from the surgery have been very minor.


Contact the Neurosurgical staff at The University of Western Ontario's University Hospital. They will know where to direct you to; my life was saved there, in a 14-hour craniotomy, in 1987. They will know the best, closest place. I know that, in Japan, a Dr. Suzuki was one of the people under whom the man who saved me studied under; Dr. Suzuki is retired, however.

Hi Somu

How are you now? I am due for an emoblisation and Royal Melbourne hospital and wondering if you have any feedback regarding who advised to do so?