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Help - Recovery from Paralysis

dear @jules2 i hope your husband keeps having progress. my brother doesnt have much recovery and he is paralyzed. i really appreciate if you can tell me about your husband more? can he walk? thanks a lot

dear @Charles3 i am sorry to hear this and i really hope you will get better. my brother couldnt afford the therapy too and he stopped it at the begining. i hope i hear from you about your recovery soon

dear @DickD , thanks for your care… he is doing ok even though he has not had any recovery… thank you for your time spending here for the people who really need to be supported emotionally

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dear @Teiry your are strong and brave and i am really surprized about it. i am happy you are having recovery. i will appreciate if you pray for him.

dear @Oman , thank you for your care. i will search about it even though i guess i cant afford it. i really apprecaite you for your prayer

dear @hannahp , he had the surgery few months after noticing the symptoms… i really appreciate your prayer… and i wish you all the best

dear @Charles3 i really hope you will be normal and happier again… i will keep you in my prayer.

My husband is a C5 quadriplegic. He has had function return to right arm and right hand, left arm but only function to thumb and first finger on left hand. He has had sensation return below c5. It’s been a long road but we still see changes on a regular basis.

Dear Zahra
Thanks for your prayers. That was kind of you. This past Wednesday I finally received my walking brace. I had to practice getting up and sitting down. It was a workout.

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