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Help - Recovery from Paralysis


Hi Zahra

As your brother has sensation in the feet, you should be very hopeful and optimistic about your brothers recovery. He needs lot of therapy and with intensive therapy he will walk in few months or a year.


Dear DadfromNaperville

Do you really think so? Thank you for your care. He cant move his fingers, he cant sit up, he has muscles spasm and …
Wish you the best


Not sure if you can get this or order this- I get it from Amazon and it really helps relax my muscles and spasms and its natural - this might help relax his muscles so they can start to heal. You might want to get the oil



Dear Angela
Thanks a lot for your care. You have a big heart. Please pray for my brother. What woul american do to avoid bed sore for peop


I would suggest since he is having issues moving can you massage him? You can use coconut oil on him which is a natural anti bacteria, anti fungal and anti inflammatory
Also if its hard to move him try putting pillows under him
Here is what I found on the web- but really he will need someone to move him often to prevent the bed sores-
When the body doesn’t get any movement, it can hinder adequate blood flow to the skin, depriving it of nutrients and oxygen. If you are currently on bed rest, there are several things you can do to prevent bed sores.
Change positions frequently
When you change positions often, there will be less pressure on your skin, reducing your risk of developing pressure ulcers. It is a good idea to reposition your body at least every couple of hours. For example, if you have been lying on your back for a while, turn to your side. If you are unable to switch positions on your own, ask a family member or caregiver to help.
Keep skin clean and dry
The cleaner and drier your skin is, the less likely it will develop bed sores. Dip a wash rag in a bucket of warm water and mild soap and clean your skin with it. You will likely need another person to help you clean the hard-to-reach spots. Then, pat your skin dry with a towel. If you rub too hard, it can lead to skin irritation.
Use pillows
Another effective way to prevent bed sores is to put pillows between parts of your body that press against each other. National Institutes of Health recommends placing a pillow under your tailbone, shoulders, heels and elbows. If you are lying on your side, it is better to put the pillow between your knees and ankles.

also I found this on amazon- it has good reviews -

Hope this helps


Hi everyone.
Thanks dear Anjela :broken_heart:


Charle3 here. Yes right side I can move now but cant hold anything or stand or walk. MY right leg just curles up. I can move fingers and arm with lots of trying. Things are moving along but still cant feed myself use bathroom or walk or stand. I can eat solid foods. Insurance company siad my therapy was not medically neccessary so stopped everything. I am getting very frustrated and bored.


Charles / Dan,

It’s great to hear from you. And I’m glad you’ve posted in Zahra’s thread as you’re reminding me of her brother. Zahra: I always hope the best for your brother but I hardly dare ask.


I think you’ve got the toughest deal. To be so ill and to have the state and the insurance company not helping you is really bad. You have every reason to be down about it. But do you know what? Recovery comes from within. I know you need support and you need to know the right things to do but if you’re going to get better it’s going to be you being determined to beat this thing that will make it happen. I also know it is difficult to have that determination when the road has been so long and the progress almost imperceptible. What can I do to help you but try to drive your determination? So that’s what I’m trying.

I watched an amazing film back in February called My Amazing Brain. It sets out the recovery of a gentleman from a stroke. I don’t know if you can access a version of it that will play in the US but look for a version of it that you can access. It is Richard’s determination that carries him through, I think, aided by perfect healthcare.

Withing you all the very best.



I am not paralyzed but I am weak on my left side which is known as hemi paresis but I couldn’t move anything for the first 3 months and with alot of physical therapy and occupational therapy I have been able to move (twitch) one finger and one toe. I also walk now with a walker, cane, and crutch. It took alot of hard work and pain but now in July 11th Im getting botox for my spasticity and keep progressing. My therapists and doctors have been shocked at how fast I have recovered. What I was expected to possibly heal in 2 years, I did it in 3 months. And now Im 10 months in walking with Nordic poles in therapy. I do several exercises at home too and all day. So with the right training from the therapists and determination he too shall heal. I wouldn’t entirely believe the doctor’s timeline of recovery since many of us have shocked our doctors and shut them up on limits and gone beyond their expectations. Definitely alot of prayer, and go hard but not too hard in therapy. Your brother will need your support but he will get there. I too think he will walk. Tell him to keep that as his goal as for fingers and toes and holding things, that’s one of the last things you gain back. He will lift his leg or arm first with alot of effort after alot of therapy and I wasn’t told this but my cheat to being able to do it is to focus on lifting your knee or elbow. Eventually I did lift it. Now I’m working on my ankle in therapy and it has moved but again not to my doctor’ Expectations but remember they are not the ones going through it, they are basing it on knowledge or from perhaps another patient who had an avm and not two cases are alike


Hi Zahra,
I hope that your brother managed to recover.
My sister had an AVM in the cervical area. Before going to treatment, I was considering the worst results that the treatment could come to. One of the things that worried me was damage to the nerves, so I was considering stem cell treatment to regenerate the nerves.

Maybe you want to consider stem cell treatment in case your brother suffered nerve damage.


Hi Zahara, just a note. My neurosurgeon told me he had a patient who was showing recovery after 10yrs. My neurologist said nerve healing is unpredictable and each case unique. But followed that by saying that years later nerves can show improvement.


Hello Zahra, I also had surgery for a ruptured AVM in my spinal artery, I was lucky to have been able to have the surgery done very quickly after the symptoms appeared, less than 24 hours maybe. The doctors told me it was a factor in my recovery. Was your brother able to have the operation soon after symptoms showed up? What helped me most is treatment that works to rebuild the pathways where energy is carried and tbe nerves. Regular acupuncture helped and also yoga practice. In the beginning he may need lots of help and assistance to put his body into positions and props to hold him there, but it will provide benefit to work with breath to open lines of energy.
I’m wishing you and your brother the best in recovery.