Help plse

I've got a head injury and had surgery a lifetime ago. Tried living in a city, didn't work. Moved somewhere quieter and more stable emotionally, sort of. But am bored out of my mind. Can't drive as have epilepsy. Can't get to events (i like goin out) and feel trapped. Buses are bad. Friends all have kids and not interested in doin stuff in the nxt decent town, an 1 1/2 hrs away. There's nothing to do where I live.

On the plus side I've been better (MH wise.)
On the neg side I feel I'm wasting my life.
Wherever I've lived has been a struggle as I have a head injury. I've taken the easiest option by moving somewhere quieter to find I'm thoroughly depressed. My life is 'easier' (some of the stress has been removed) but I am far from satisfied with it as I could be doing more in the times I feel well enough if I went back to living in a city. Yes city life would be tougher, noisier and other things I can't deal with full-time.

I wld need support if I made the move as, hey I'm a bit crazy. But even crazy people deserve more of a life. How much more of a life makes you ill again though?
How much do you have to cut out?
Can you ever be satisfied. I sure as hell ain't atm.
I am told I should be grateful.

Any thoughts?