Help please

I just found this site tonight and I was wondering is there anyway to connect with people that have an AVM in the same location as I do? Mine is just under my left eye. I would like to talk with someone and share expierences and see if there is any advice out there concerning treatment, so far there hasn’t been many treatment options presented to me by any of my area doctors. Thank you and God bless!


Hello Rachelle! This post is going to be short cause I’m only online for a few minutes. Embolization earlier today!
Lots of “no-brainers” on the site and also quite a few “facers.” If you take a look at my page and my friend list, you can identify many people from thier pictures.
I’m not sure about any one specifically just under their eye. Jessican Cavanuaght just joined and location wise she may be the closest. But also, Christine Bahar, Loiusa Sing, Tracy, Roxanne James, Steve, Roland, Luis C, Jan…just to know a few off my drug inuced head!
But everyon on the baord is SUPER, no matter the location. Try going to members page and look for people close to your city. Also go to forum and blogs and search for words like “face” or “cheek” etc, and you will find posts relating to what you probably want to know, as well as find others with the same type of AVM.
Good luck, let me know if I can help out!

Thank you Shalon…I just wasnt sure how to search, I just figured if someone had the same location as me, they would have had similar expierences and symtoms. Thank you for your help!

Did you know there is a chat room here ? At the bottom of page small on right klick the man to get in, say hi if anyone is on they will talk to you. Sometimes they are not realy there… they forget to sign out lol. LIKE ME…But you may find someone there.

Thank you for the tip Pauline!