Help please

I have been looking and all I see are adults with this issue are there anyone who has a child with this issue.My daughter started having seizures and is now on meds.all they did was put the glue in 2 veins that they felt like could give issues.. Can my daughter have a productive life one day and how do I prepaire her for the future? And in school she doesn't want to do the school work at all.

my daughter had an AVM bleed at age 5 months and is now almost 8 yrs old, but never had a seizure. she's on ADHD meds now which helps some with school and the two activities that motivate her the most are Healing STrides, therapeutic horse riding ( and swimming (adapted aquatics program). Does your daughter have an IEP at school? Individualized Education Plan? That allows the staff to make necessary accomodations for her to help with learning.

yes she does my daughter is 14 now she was 9 when she had a rupture where do you live at? Did you do any of the surgeries for your daughter?

Katherine, most of the children's stories with avms are to be found on the Parents group -- check your welcomes, and there are instructions on how to find it. Embolization does not typically cure an avm, and recurrence is possible particularly in young patients. I recommend you send her most recent scans to some top pediatric neurosurgeons to decide what next steps to take. There are recommendations on the Parents' group, in the Discussion area.

Hi Katharine. You may wish to consider taking your daughter to an Epileptologist. These are neurologists who have gone thru extra schooling who specialize in nothing but seizure disorders.

Hey. I guess I’m not really a “child” per se, but I am in school, and I bet she doesn’t want to do the work anymore because it’s REALLY hard on anti-convulsants. They mess with your focus, attention, memory etc. but I wouldn’t give up hope, I’m making it through somehow. She probably just needs some time to adjust or a meds switch. Maybe look into a tutor? I wouldn’t doubt she’ll be successful someday, it just takes a LOT more work.

Sometimes homeschooling is a good option, too, if it is too difficult to meet her current school's expectations.

Hi Katherine I too went through my trauma at the age of 15 in the year 2001. It has taken me 13 yrs & am still recovering. As a 15 yr old there were many hardships like unable to find a peer group & common man unable to understand the symptoms etc etc that I had to deal with.

My personal suggestion is your daughter must be made to enjoy life with a group of people may be in a park or play ground and start building friendships..this activity has a direct impact on the personality of a person & acts as the need to do daily activities like doing school work. Once the mind is in a happy & secured state engrossed in some set of peer groups for leisure, it will automatically prepare itself for for the formal stuff such as schooling. I fully understand the issues related to concentration, attention, focus etc but it will require some amount of faith & continuous effort to practise these suggestions.

Good luck.

Bangalore, India.