Help....need some advice/opinions for something that is going on

Hi everyone. I need some advice/opinion. I did my first long drive today. 4 hours to pa to see my ill grandmother for mothers day. I have some swelling at the lower part of my incision site. It seems like I have an air pocket and my neuro dr knows this. My concern is that I all of a sudden have some tenderness up more along my incision site for the first time since surgery and scalp tenderness. Is this common or should I go to the local hospital here to be checked out. This is all new to me and I don't want to make a mountain out of a mole hill. I am returning home tomorrow afternoon. I can see fine. No racing hear or palpitations. I just don't know what to do. Plus Ive been up all day walking around. I did not hit my head either. Thanks for the help. Lisa

I don't much about this but, It sounds like you've overdone it. With you being up all day the swelling may have increased some. Which in turn could be the cause of the tenderness. Is there any way you can call your dr and ask him? Or Perhaps call the hospital where the surgery was done (they have your records to look at).

You could try tylenol and see if that helps and/or put an ice pack on it. Either one won't hurt you. Stay away from aspirin and ibuprofen... they thin the blood.

I hope you feel better,


Thanks ben, it’s 2 am in the morning. I did get a few hours sleep but now the soft swelling is hard as a rock and it’s definitely bigher. I called neuro just waiting for a call bavk

On call dr called me back. I explained that I was 4 hours away. What I exactly did yesterday which I did over do it a bit. He said it could be an infection or maybe cerebral spinal fluid or I just over did it. I’m 15wks post op tomorrow. I asked should I go to the local er. I have no fever, redness is only at the bottom of my incision where inflammation/swelling is. He said not unless I developed a fever. To put warm compresses on the site. I’m only dizzy but that’s been normal for me. I’m scheduled for a ct scan next wk. He said to call the dr first thing monday morning or go straight to the er when I get back home tomorrow. Honestly in the small town my mom lives in I don’t like the hospital at all. Just looking for advice on what others would do. Obviously if I get worse I will go to a local er here. Please help! My 17 yr old daughter is driving with me as well so I am not alone.

Hi Lisa, I read through your post plus the comments. Then I visited your profile plus I'm glad you called the neurologist. I agree with Ben that you probably overdid activity. Lisa, I remember someone telling me that I had to look at brain recovery in terms of years and not days or months but I know that when you are an active person, the inactivity is frustrating. I am almost at my 3 year anniversary for the burst of my 1st AVM and I continue to notice improvement albeit slowly. I'm glad your daughter is with you but please take care of yourself and listen to your body including rest as needed. Please keep us posted.

I’m glad you were able to talk to a dr. That was a good move to make. I believe in - “When in doubt, ask.” Hopefully you can enjoy your visit with you grandma better now.

I'm very relieved to know you aren't traveling alone. Where abouts are you in PA? I'm curious because I live in PA.

Hawley Pennsylvania that’s where my parents live, where are you in pa?

I'm in Milton, close to Lewisburg.

Hi…Susan and ben. I made it back to ma. Been in the er for 45 mins now. All Cked in seen by er dr and nurse. Bloods drawn. The dr thinks it could be a # of things. Waiting for neuro dr to see me. Also to have a ct scan and an u/s. Also obviously the results back from bloodwork. Will keep you posted

Ok thanks for the update and yes, keep us posted.

Ok so update is I’m admitted into the hosp. There is a chance I’m having surg again in the am. Nothing by mouth after midnight and have to wash with that lovely body wash. The er resident dr said it’s a fluid buildup or possible seroma.

Oh my! I am so glad you called the dr when you did. I hope they can give you some answers as to what caused this. I'm also very happy to hear they aren't wasting any time on this.

Are you doing ok??? How are you feeling? Any pain? or.. is it more of discomfort? Is your family handling this ok? You might as well tell me ---- it's after visiting hours and who else do you have to talk to (hee hee)?

This has got to be shock for all of you. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers tonight.


Best wishes to you. You are in my prayers!

We are rooting for you, fearlessfemale! I'm so glad you sought medical attention.

Ben…it’s more of a discomfort but if the area is touched or manipulated than pain is a 7 or 8. My gram prayed with me on the phone last night…and my sister is a phone call away to get here
My mom crys about everything so I have talked to her. Lol my sister let’s her know what’s going on. So nothing by mouth after midnight and waiting for neuro Te to come in. From what I was told I’ll be having it drained but I have lots of questions. Why after 15wks is this happening. Is it common. .what are the chances of it happening again. I had to take a shower with the lovely scrub soap that drs use before surg. Lol gping to try to sleep for another hour before I get poked and proded. Will keep you updated. Thank ypu for the concerns.


Thanks for keeping us posted. Sending positive vibes your way! Hang in there girl.

Fearlessfemaile...Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers! Please keep us posted.

So I’m more confused. My neuro surg just came in. There is definitely fluid build up. Not sure the type of fluid. My pain is a 1-2 but when u touch and manipulate the site it’s a 7-9. The dr knows this as he manipulated the site. He said there’s a # of things that can be done. 1. Asperate it 2. Cut me open to drain it but if the fluid is from another site than then another surg will need to be done
3. Wait a wk have another ct scan and have it drained and a shunt put in. He is consulting with the other dr whom did my surg with him than I’ll know. So impatient I am hate waiting. I know this sound silly but I want to be home Friday as it’s my daughter prom. I’ve already screwed up my bday that she took me to bc i was dizzy and didn’t feel well…now yesterday being in the hosp. Don’t want to mess up prom.