Help me think of a Gift

The holiday season is not so far beyond! What do you think would make a great gift for a person with AVM?

Please feel free to comment. :-)

Great post, Mary! I would love to hear everyone on this!

Well, this one will be off the scale Mary:

A sailboat outing in your beautiful Subic Bay, with a cooler of ice cold San Miguel.

To me that would be the best gift ever! I was in Subic in the early 70's. Beautiful country, beautiful water, great people.

Ron, KS

I think anything given in love is a great gift. Perhaps a framed inspirational type poem (?)


Wow That's so cool Ron! Any plan of coming back to Subic?? :-)

Nice one too Ben. I love to write poems. I'd like create one for AVM.:-)

Hi Mary,

Would like to visit Subic sometime again. But I hate long distance plane rides (and I worked for Boeing!). We have good friends in Australia that want us to come down. Gra told me the best way to do it is to fly to Japan, or China, or ?? and spend a week, then fly on down to make the flights shorter. Might have to try that............

With our economy the way it is, our age, and my wife is fighting cancer, so doubt it happens soon............

Best wishes with your gifts.
ron, ks

For a female…in the past I have googled green butterfly pin. Then usually a whole bunch of links will pop up with lots of places that sell them.

I like Barbaras butterfly idea... anything with a butterfly on it would be great for a member of survivors...

But we can all keep dreaming to, so I say that Ron's idea is not so far fetched. Maybe a little expensive though ;) And Ben, I gave my dearest friend a framed quote "just because" and that is awesome too (I wonder what she did with it). Point is (like Ben said) anything given with lots of love, makes it an awesome gift. Good luck! :J

I received an AVM Survivor T-shirt after my first CT scan after surgery. I absolutely treasure this shirt and always feel proud wearing it. There are some great gifts on cafe press for avm survivors that are really great and pretty affordable too:-)

Hi Mary,

I answered on a different site; however, this time, I’m going to answer with a mixed cd.

I’m happy to say that the mixed tape didn’t die with the now-ancient cassette player…hopefully, you know what I’m talking about.

I’m a firm believer in the benefits of both music and laughter.


I think a journal is a special gift to anyone any time of year, especially when the first entry is a personal letter to the person you are gifting it to or an inspirational poem. My daughter, an avm survivor often turns to write things down when she just wants to vent about anything good or bad. Barnes and noble sells many affordable ones with a lot of cover choices, vera bradley sells pretty ones can get on line or at local gift shops that carry vera. A nice pen is also a nice gift to give with journal.

A nice cane and to enjoy the day with my loved ones.

A subscription to Lumosity. Brain games!

Hi Mary,

Depending on the physical deficits the person may have you might find some ingenious assistive device that could come in handy.

You might get some ideas or leads here:

You might also consider gift certificates for services the person needs or uses frequently, or even a one time or occasional house cleaning or shopping service, or a gift certificate for a massage to ease the tenseness and soreness a lot of disabled people have continuous problems with.

Tori, Those are wonderful ideas!

depends where the avm was...

I second this

We don't like to be treated differently just because we are different...

Hi Again - Found this article that might work well as a rolled-up scroll as a stocking stuffer:

a big old hug and telling them you love them and never wanna loose them:) because i was minutes away from death!