Help me. Show me how to use this thing!

Iv never been on chat rooms or anythin before. Using my son’s computer, Totally computer illiterate and desperate for help. Been diagnosed with AVM. Had useless meeting with neurosurgeon today and could do with some INFORMED advice!!!

what you want to know post it on and we will all give you answers we all have different stories different way they are treating the avm or treated the avm some had an craniotonomy some like me had a shunt put in case i had a bleed some get treatment with laser radiation also called gamma knife some get an angiogram aka angio but anyway we are here to help and give support to each other

Hi and Welcome to the family x
just do as u have keep asking questions and if we can help or advise we will xx
Big hugs Clare and Jacob

Hi, Gemma, don’t worry, you’ll pick it up. For now, if you click on the chat tab at the top, you can start chatting. If no one responds, it just means they’re online but on a different page. Go to forum tab to ask the community a question.

Did you go to see the neurosurgeon alone or did you bring along a good friend? I was lucky because I went in with my wife. I was able to spend the time concentrating on keeping control of myself and let her ask all the questions.

On the forum tab on the top, there is one for explanation of options. It’s
They explain some options.

I had a crainotomy and then gamma knife surgery. Depending on the location of the AVM, there are different methods that would be chosen.

Another idea is to talk to your doctor, if you have one that you can talk easy with.

By the way, these are all things my wife told me to do.