Help! Katies had another seizure... advice please!

Right, Katies surgery, the craniotomy and removal of one of the brain AVM’s and also an embolization of another brain AVM was supposed to stop her having seizures, but nevertheless i have just spent nearly 6 hours in A&E, and had to ride in an ambulance (in my pjs!!!) with her as she had another one. Anyone else had seizures almost 6 month after surgery? Does this mean that her embolization of the one they havent removed didnt work? or what?! so many questions, so very stressed! any helpful words would be grately appreciated…xxx

sorry to hear about katies siezure…but the siezure could have nothing to do with the embolisation of the otheravm it could be caused by the scar tissue left in the brain from the removal of the first avm…i had grand mal siezures before my surgey but after my surgery they became worse…due to the damage done to the brain by removing the avm…scar tissue in the brain sets up a field for siezure activity…my siezures are now well controlled with 2 medications and i am happy to say i have been siezure free for 10 months…so with a great neurologist and once finding the meds that work for you the siezures can be controlled well…i am no doctor but personally i would be more likely to think the siezure has been caused by the scar tissue from the surgery…may be worth asking your doctor…you guys are in my prayers…sending you both lots of positive energies to help you through this journey xxx

Shes getting a ct scan this morning and they are getting in touch with her neurosurgeon so hopefully we will get some answers soon…shes extremely fed up. thanx alicia xxx

I had a grand mal seizure on December 25th after having my craniotomy on July 28th, so that was about 5 months after my surgery. My doctors were not terribly surprised. Some people recover and never have seizures, others may end up having ongoing seizures, but unfortunately, there isn’t a lot that can be done to predict whether or not a patient is going to have a seizure after surgery. I was kept on meds for about 3 months after my surgery, then slowly weened off of them. I went a couple of months with no meds and no signs of seizures, but then the grand mal hit me. When I met with my neurologist a couple of days after the seizure, he said that in the grand scheme of things, 5-6 months after a craniotomy is not long enough to completely heal. At the same time, he said that due to the physical trauma from having my AVM removed, I may never be completely out of the woods and he has kept me on Keppra for the last 4 years. On the down side, I have to take a bunch of pills every day. On the plus side, I have not had any more seizures. The neuro says that we could always try to reduce my meds and slowly get off of them, but there is always a risk that I could end up having another seizure sometime down thr line, so he asked me if I felt it was worth it to take the meds or risk the seizure. My choice was obvious. I wish you and your sister the best!