Help I am so exhausted

Does anyone else feel the same?
My house is a tip.
I am worn out.
Got angry yesterday as went into town and should have stayed at home in the quiet. Am feeling overwhelmed. I do some voluntary work and the guy I help, in a well intentioned way, set me too much to do and I have now hit a wall.
Have got some tea bags from my neighbours and plenty of food. Am meant to be cooking a meal for friends tomorrow but atm don't know if I can do it as am shattered and someone has trashed the house - oh that's me. It looks like a pig stye.

Hi Flower. I'm sorry you are so overwhelmed right now. Yes I know the feeling of being exhausted every day after school and take a 2 hour nap. That means the housework has to wait. I just try to do the things that have to be done first, like wood for the wood stove and getting it started, lol. One day at a time and for me one hour at a time, lol. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! ~Elzabeth

One step at a time. This is something I do for my daughter all the time. If she gets a generic sheet of paper with a project, I have to break it into one step at a time. You can do the same thing. One step, relax for a few minutes, then another step. Just make sure you eliminate what absolutely has to be done.

Best wishes for a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving.

Hi Flower,

We can relate to your situation, but I give you permission NOT to clean your house. If your friends complain about it--they aren't such good friends I think. Or they'll pitch in and help you clean it.

I offer this priority to my wife all the time (and she routinely ignores it):

1) Take care of yourself. Get your health back to whatever level you can.
2) Take care of the family, as much as you can, but to me the definition of family is everyone helping, not just superMom.
3) Work, house cleaning, volunteer work might need to take the back burner for a while or forever.

Make yourself a sign, frame it, and hang it in a prominent space that says: "I have a brain injury. I might look ok on the outside, but my brain is broken right now. My priority of activity is as follows:
Take care of me and get my brain better
Take care of my family as much as I can
Everything else is lesser priority that might or might not get done.

Please accept me and my brain as it is right now".

Hope this helps.
Ron, KS

Ron- GREAT reply. I love the sign!


I sent you a message, not sure how messaging works but I hope you got it.


Great sign, Ron. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you Flower.

Yep, got the message.

I'm constantly amazed that people (me included) already know the correct answer, but until someone else says it, we (me included) are reluctant to acknowledge it. You already knew everything I wrote........... maybe my sign idea just helped confirm it.

Glad it helped.
ron, ks

My dear Flower,
I was just getting ready to post something very similar to this. I understand everything you are saying. The exhaustion, for me, has to be one of the most frustrating things to deal with. Ron, you are always a voice of reason and I love the sign. Flower, just do what you can do. Those that love you will understand.

I think I need to find a place to sell signs like that online. I could sell them for $1, and if I sold 5 million of them, I'd have enough to retire, huh?


I'll sit with you on the street corner and sell my signs along with you. My signs would say "I've got a brain injury...what's YOUR excse?" We'll be a huge hit!

The sign is a very good idea Ron,
We should all have one!