Help and useful information for family who's loved one has had brain trauma

Hello everyone I hope you are all ok.
I thought I would post this link for a charity called Headway. My husband found them so much help for information and support when I had my brain bleed. and I know alot of people coming to this site are family members looking for advise.
I was at Derriford hospital in Plymouth for a very long time.
My husband says my physical care was 2nd to none but when it came to giving him useful information etc they were awful so he found Headway and they answered many of his questions and offered alot of support.
Obviously this site is fantastic for finding out other peoples stories etc and for offering support but Headway will give you practical information for your location such as support groups, rehab centers and will answer many medical questions.
I hope this will be of some help to someone
much love to you all and keep fighting

Thank you, whispers, it's nice to see you on the site again.

been off for a little while concentrating on my recovery in a rehab facility which has actually done wonders! I am now at college :) it makes me very tired but I am determined to see it through, I'm just hoping that my memory and headaches dont cause too much of a problem

Hi whispers and thanks for posting this useful information. Good luck in college and yay for your determination!

That is terrific -- good for you! Inspirational.

Good for you whispers! And thanks for this information. I'm sure it'll be very usefu to many.

I know its been a while but I was going through the pc looking for recovery times when I came across your blog. We have (you did have) similar op symptoms and I too was told a year or 2 but its been since May & I feel like I'm getting no where. I have sciatica also, because they laid me down for so long and my walking is awful.
I guess it felt good to know I wasn't imaging these things ie: double vision etc.
I just want to be myself. I would be sort of happy with a limp lol.
Any way, thank you.
Kellie xxx


i.m really happy you have gone back to college & all is ok xx